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English Paragraphs on various topics, Paragraphs on current issues and general issues for Class 10 , 12 and Graduation Classes.

GK Paragraphs


1. History of the Ming Dynasty

2. Samurai of Japan

3. Cold- blooded animal

4. Are all snakes poisonous?

5. How can a snake eat a pig?

6. A Chameleon ant its food

7. The Universe

8. The Galaxy

9. A Light Year

10. The Solar System

11. How to learn sail

12. First sea-going sailors and early ships used

13. Important for nations to have a powerful fleet

14. A Clipper ship

15. Mammal with poison spur

16. Why is the home of the Beaver so interesting

17. What are fungi?

18. How do fungi reproduce themselves?

19. A spore print

20. Who discovered the first magnet?

21. What are the poles of magnet?

22. How does a compass work?

23. Earth’s South Pole

24. What is an Electromagnet?

25. What did Victorian Children play with?

26. What was a Victorian education like?

27. What happened near the village of Agincourt in 1415?

28. How did the English Heralds get their names?

29. What is man’s nervous system?

30. How do we taste and smell?

31. How do we Hear?

32. The Structure of the Eye and how does it work?

33. Why is the Bible a holy book for both Christians and Jews?

34. How is the religion of Islam like Christianity and Judaism?

35. Which religions are followed in the East?

36. How do you tell the difference between crocodiles and alligators?

37. How do Crocodiles catch their prey?

38. How do Crocodiles find their mates?

39. How do Crocodiles build their nests?

40. first style in architecture

41. How can we learn history from architecture?

42. People today live in the same kind of houses as their ancestors

43. What made man want to paint?

44. How can your comb pick up a piece of paper?

45. What is lightning?

46. What is St. Elmo’s fire?

47. How old is the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece?

48. How important were goddesses in Greek mythology?

49. Where is Jellyfish Creek?

50. Who stole the bronze horses?

51. Which English king is called the Great?

52. Where is Holy Island?

53. What is the difference between insects and spiders?

54. How do spiders catch their food?

55. How does the water spider breathe?

56. How does the Moon cause tides?

57. How do waves erode cliffs?

58. How is a cuttlefish like a jet plane?

59. Who invented the game of tennis?

60. Can water climb?

61. Why do we build dams?

62. How do we know what the bottoms of oceans are like?

63. How does the Sun power a Racing Car?

64. What other kinds of energy can we use?

65. When did man first wear clothes?

66. Who wove the finest linen in the Ancient World?

67. When did wool first become widely used?

68. Why were silkworms smuggled to Constantinople?

69. Who built the first railway?

70. How does steam work engines?

71. How can trains run underground and climb mountains?

72. How fast and powerful are railway locomotives?

73. Are whales fish?

74. How many kinds of whale are there?

75. When was the first map drawn?

76. Who drew the first accurate map of the known world?

77. When did man begin to discover that there were other continents?

78. What is map projection?

79. When did exploration of the North Pole begin?

80. Who won the race to the South Pole?

81. How do jet engines work?

82. Who developed the first jet plane?

83. How have jet aircraft made the world seem smaller?

84. What is the world’s most successful commercial airliner?

85. How do jets jump?

86. What causes sonic boom?

87. Which instruments are in a symphony orchestra?

89. What do folk dances mean?

90. Why is Indian music never played by orchestras?

91. What is African music like?

92. Who was Tycho Brahe?

93. Why is Johann Kepler so important?

94. What is Motion?

95. How do big cats catch their prey?

96. Which is the largest Cat?

97. Which is the fastest Cat?

98. Can cats really see in the dark?

99. Which famous people have written books in cipher?

100. Naval Signalling Codes

101. How did literature begin?

102. Who was the first great English poet?

103. William Shakespeare Plays

104. American and German literature

105. What is the Bayeux Tapestry?

106. Which important discoveries were made in China?

107. What are chemical elements and compounds?

108. What is an Atom?

109. Can we split Atoms?

110. Where does Light come from?

111. Is white light really coloured ?

112. Is it possible to bend light?

113. How do male penguins help to look after the eggs?

114. Can all Birds fly?

115. Why do birds migrate and how do they find their way?

116. Why do cuckoos have foster parents?

117. Why is Elizabeth I remembered as a Great Queen?

118. Achievements of the Elizabethan Age

119. Who invented Radio?

120. How are Radio messages sent and received?

121. What are Radio Waves?

122. When was Television invented?

123. How does your Television set make a picture?

124. How is a Television programme made?

125. What is an outside broadcast?

126. How widespread is the use of Television?

127. What is a Queen Bee?

128. How many bees live in a hive?

129. How do bees run their hive?

130. Why do bees dance?

131. What kind of weapons were used by ancient man?

132. How did rockets originate and develop?

133. Mongol Empire

134. Birds can fly – why can’t we?

135. Must man grow wings in order to fly?

136. How can heavier than air machines fly?

137. When was the first aeroplane flown?

138. How does a rocket defy the force of gravity?

139. How did man reach the moon?

140. How does the weather affect the shapes of our houses?

141. How do animals adapt to suit the weather?

142. How do some birds find food in winter?

143. Captain James Cook

144. What were Plato’s dialogues?

145. Why did Socrates take poison?

146. Why is Karl Marx important?

147. Why was Bertrand Russell famous?

148. History of Moses

149. Who were called the great-grandchildren of Heracles?

150. Who was the founder of Democracy?

151. What is the largest land Carnivore ever to have lived?

152. What is the longest animal ever to have lived on land?

153. What were the Ice Ages?

154. Did any of the dinosaurs fly?

155. What is an Amphibian?

156. How does a Tadpole become a Frog?

157. How are tree frogs, flying frogs, hairy frogs and bull frogs different from the common frog?

158. Invention of the Computer

159. Working of The Modern Electronic Computer

160. Can a Computer Think?

161. How does a Car Engine work?

162. When did motor cars take over from horses?

163. What will the cars of the future be like?

164. What are Marsupials?

165. Where do Marsupials live?

166. Which is the Strongest Ape?

167. How do Sloths move about?

168. Why do Giraffes have long necks?

169. Who were the Celts?

170. What do we know about Celtic society and culture?

171. What became of the Celts?

172. Who built one of the first Theatres?

173. Who was the ‘upstart crow’?

174. When were large numbers of plays first published in England?

175. Who is involved in the production of a play?

176. What were man’s first ideas about the Universe?

177. Why is Ptolemy important?

178. Aristarchus Concept : Earth went round the Sun

179. Importance of Copernicus

180. Why do some plants eat animals?

181. How do insectivorous plants catch insects?

182. Where do insectivorous plants grow?

183. The Football World Cup

184. When were the Olympic Games re-started?

185. Is a whale’s skeleton like other mammals’ skeletons?

186. Should we hunt for whales?

187. How intelligent are whales?

188. Why are bats thought to be sinister?

189. Why are bats thought to be sinister?

190. How do bats catch their food?

191. Who was Attila the Hun?

192. How could Beethoven write music if he was deaf?

193. What is flamenco music?

194. What does ballet dancing portray?

195. What is Eastern music like?

196. When was the armoured tank first used?

197. How did the Omnibus get its name?

198. Computers used today

199. Net vs Web

200. Fax Machine