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Paragraph on “How did man reach the moon?” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

How did man reach the moon?


In 1969 an American, Neil Armstrong, became the first man to set foot on the moon. Getting him there had taken years of work by thousands of people and many millions of dollars. The way the flight was made is shown in the picture.

The launching rocket had three ‘stages’. When each stage had used up its fuel it dropped away to lighten the rocket, and the motors of the next stage started. The third stage put it into orbit around the earth. Then the rocket motors were fired again thrusting the ship away from the earth towards the moon, 380,000 km (237,500 miles) away. As it came near the moon the ship turned round. It fired its motors to slow down and went into orbit around the moon.

Next the spaceship split into two parts. The `command module’ with its pilot stayed in orbit. The little ‘lunar excursion module’ or ‘LEM’ slowed itself down with its rockets and fell down towards the moon. As it came in to land it used its motors to brake and hover so it could land gently. The two astronauts stepped out onto the moon in theirs pace suits, the first men ever to walk there !

To take on again the LEM needed only its own small rocket motors. This was because the moon’s n s gravity is much less than the earth’s. It climbed up into the same orbit as the command module and ‘docked’ with it. The two astronauts climbed back into the command module and the LEM separated and was left behind. The ship then accelerated back towards the earth. For ‘re-entry’ into the atmosphere the crew used just the nose-section of the ship. This had a thick heat-shield because of the friction as it plunged through the atmosphere. Parachutes opened to slow it down before ‘splash-down’ into the Pacific Ocean. There, helicopters were waiting to pick up the astronauts after the longest journey in man’s history !


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