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Latest PTE Essay Writing topics with Answers, Complete PTE Essay Writing, Sample PTE Essays, PTE Essay Writing Tips


Latest PTE Essay Writing topics with Answers


1. Large shopping malls are replacing the small shops.What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.


2. It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


3. Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is your opinion? Support it with personal examples.


4. Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offer and discounts, and in what ways this can impact on their reputation.


5. What is the best invention of last 100 years, the computer, antibiotics, the airplane, and explain why?


6. Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc. Whether you support them or not?


7. Does television removes our loneliness or not?


8. Student travel to study is overrated; we have brilliant scholars who studied locally. Is travel really required for higher studies?


9. Do you think that place where the person grew has an influence on his accomplishments? Explain with examples. 


10. Children have more freedom than past. What are the reasons of this statement? What problems does it?


11. Some people believe laws change human behavior. Do you agree with it?


12. People usually mix their private and professional life. What are the pros and cons of this?


13. The mass media, including TV, radio and newspapers have great influence in shaping people ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give reasons for your answer.


14. In underdeveloped countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be said the opposite as well.


15. International travel and tourism makes people prejudiced rather than broad minded. What are the causes and what measures can be taken to solve this problem?


16. Discuss both sides of space travel vs. current crucial problems faced by humans?


17. Any new technological development in the recent years is a boon or curse for the society in general.


18. In some countries around the world voting is compulsory. Do you agree with the notion of compulsory voting?


19. In a war of ideas, it is people who get killed: Does a common man suffer from a group’s ideology? Express your opinion, and support the same with reasons and examples


20. With technology, speeding up, more and more young people begin to use mobile phones and the internet, but old people have little chance to expose to them. In what ways could mobile phones and the internet is useful to old people. How can old people be encouraged to use this new technology?


21. Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools. Others, however, feel that private secondary schools can have negative effect on society as a whole. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.


22. Imitating celebrities in sports and movies is good or bad.


23. Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental to society


24. Do you think that the formal written examinations are a good way to assess knowledge at school?


25. Do you think English will remain the global language despite globalization?


26. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Agree or Disagree?


27. People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, or to increase knowledge) What do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


28. The information revolution has changed the ways of mass communication and had some negative and positive effects on individuals’ lives as well as on society. To what extent you are agree or disagree?


29. Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more positive for their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Do you agree or disagree? Give examples from your experience.


30. What are the bad effects of ignoring certain rules and regulations in life? What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.

31. Importance and the benefits of writing are irreplaceable, Discuss with appropriate examples

32. Does classroom environment affect the efficiency of learning? If yes, explain how, Discuss with appropriate examples

33. How to prevent students from cheating in exams? Discuss with appropriate examples.

34. What are the causes of increase in the diseases among the modern citizens? Discuss the reasons.

35. What are the barriers at workplace?” Explain elaborately.

36. How the hurdles at workplace can be removed? Enlist the possible measurements.