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Example Letter regarding going abroad.

Letter regarding going abroad

April 4, 2001

Dear Tanveer Alam,

I could imagine your happiness while going through your letter of going abroad to U.S.A. as a software engineer. Right from our school days, I remember your visualisation of going abroad and settling there. Your dream has been cherished and I congratulate you at this hour of your dream come true. With a person of your immense talent, the prospects are definitely better in the States and it is only when you are in States that you will understand the importance of your country, something that you have always underestimated. Meanwhile, my brother and sister-in-law are also in Connecticut on a two-year stint, so in case if you have any teething problem of settling there then do get in touch with them, as you have already met my brother number of times before his marriage. I also support your decision not to take your wife and kids at the moment, because they might undergo adjustment problems of the varied culture, which can adversely affect your career. I will meet you in Mumbai, when you arrive here from Lucknow to board the flight. All the best for a successful career.

Your Friend,



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