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Paragraph on “What is the history of the Ming Dynasty?” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

What is the history of the Ming Dynasty?

A dynasty is a line of kings or emperors, and the Ming dynasty rules China from 1368 to 1644. The Mind emperors were important in the history of China because they war of Chinese origin. The dynasties that came before and after the Ming dynasty were of foreign origin.

In the thirteenth century, the Mongols overran China and in 1260, their leader Kublai Kahn founded the Yan dynasty in China. Kublai Kahn and his descendants became completely Chinese and made many improvements, but people in the south of China never welcomed the Mongols, Eventually  they rose in revolt and, led by a former monk called Chu Yuan Chang, seized the capital city Peking in 1368. Chu became emperor and, taking the name Ming T’ai Tsu, founded a new dynasty.

The first Ming emperors, a having rid their country of the Mongols, did not welcome other foreigners. They feared that China might lost both its wealth and its identity that China might lose both its wealth and its identity to outsiders. Foreign influences, such as Christianity, were suppressed and Chinese are and literature flourished. Ming painters developed a new lively and vivid style of art , and  Ming porcelain became highly prized for its use of colour. To remind the people their traditions, the third Ming emperor, Yung Lo,  ordered a vast encyclopedia of the history of China to be prepared. It contained some  10,000 volumes, of which only about 150 now survive in museums.

Yung Lo came to power on the disappearance of his nephew, but worried that he might reappear. To  gain prestige, he sent naval expeditions to explore and make gains in the Indian Ocean. European navigators found their way to China and when in 1606 overland travelers reached China again after Marco Polo’s early  journeys, it was at last realized in Europe that the fabulous country of Cathy described by Marco was in fact China.

The Ming dynasty fell shortly afterwards to invaders from Manchuria, which is to the north of China, the new dynasty , the Ching dynasty, lasted until 1911 and led the country into domination by foreign powers.


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