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Example Letter regarding election victory.

Example Letter regarding election victory.

April 22, 2001

Dear Laluji,

It was a moment I can never forget when I chanced upon your name from Laheriasarai constituency in Bihar. It is too good to be true. A media-shy individual and an introvert, the one I knew, contesting an election for the first time and coming out as a winner by a record margin, was something I never contemplated. Anyway, I’m proud to be a friend of an M.P., now that you will also be a participant to the decisions regarding the future of the country. But the question I ask myself, is how a principled person like you get into the quagmire of politics? I’m sure, you will remain principled and deter from and type of corruption, but for God’s sake, try to be vocal and try to raise issues that concern the common man. Accept my congratulations from the core of my heart and my good wishes will always be with you. At this point of time, when the country is marching towards progress, individuals like you become an essential factor. A word of caution: Do not veer away from your principles in the temptation of money, otherwise you will be no different from the rest of the breed. Try to drop, during your swearing in ceremony.

Yours Always,



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