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Paragraph on “Fax Machine” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Fax Machine

The system of coding and decoding of the data is the same in all the fax machines so that a message sent from one part of the world can be received at the other part of the world. When the signals (incoming) sent from a fax machine reach the telephone receiver of an-other fax machine, they are separated from the carrier wave and fed into the printer.  The electrical signal tells where all the white, gray and black spots are on the original document and the printer recreates the document in horizontal chains of dots built up into lines.


How does a Fax Machine transmits document?

Both the sender and the receiver must have a fax machine. The sender inserts the document into a document feeder and dials the telephone number of the fax machine to which the message is being sent. Once the telephone connection is made, a light-sensitive device scans each page and creates an electric signal corresponding to the light and dark spots on the page. This signal is coded and sent over telephone lines to the receiving fax machine. That machine uses the signal to create an exact duplicate of the original page, and prints it out.


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