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CBSE ASL “Listening Test Worksheet” (ASL) 2017 for Class 11, Listening Test Audio Script 1

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-XI (2016-17)
Listening Test (Worksheet)

Time: 1 hour

Max Marks: 20

Task 1
You will hear 5 short extracts of people talking about what art means to them.
Read the statements below, then listen to the extracts and match each statement A–G to each speaker 1–5. There are two statements you do not need. You will hear the recording twice.

A. Art can be found only in galleries.
B. Art stimulates our creativity.
C. You can find art in everyday objects.
D. Art is reflective of the culture it comes from.
E. Art helps in creating a personable atmosphere.
F. Role of art in a culture never changes.
G. Art impacts individuals as well as the society.

Speaker Statement

Task 2

You will hear an interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra, a famous career counsellor, on the things to keep in mind while choosing a career. Read the sentences below, then listen to the conversation and choose A, B or C for each sentence. You will hear the recording twice.

1. According to the speaker early teens is a good time to think about careers because

A. It affects their choice of subjects in school

B. It affects their attitude towards work

C. It affects the important years of their life

2) Asking the right questions is important for teenagers because

A. Helps them find a good job

B. Helps them identify their skills

C. Helps them being free to travel

3) It is important to identify your core skills because it would help you

A. Match career with skill set

B. Make more money.

C. Be happier than others.

4) One can find out about one’s interests

A. By exploring aspects of a subject.

B. By comparing personalities you admire

C. By comparing careers you care for

5) What does the speaker mean by being realistic

A. eliminate inappropriate career choices

B. consider your abilities and interest

C. Have a backup plan ready.

6) According to the speaker the best way to explore a career is

A. volunteer for an organization

B. research all the allied careers

C. observe people in the field

Task 3

You will hear an artist talking about the importance of practicing a craft . Read the question below, then listen to the extract and choose four of the options A–G which are correct. You will hear the recording twice. Which FOUR of the following statements does the speaker believe to be true? A. Practice can help you improve your craft. B. Your craft is your technique of doing something. C. You can reach the peak of your craft by practice. D. It can make you popular. E. It makes you more trustworthy. F. Greater exposure can get you more projects. G. There isn’t much scope for making mistakes.

Task 4

You will listen to two students, a boy and girl, discuss on the topic ‘importance of discipline in life’. Read the sentences below, then listen to the conversation and complete the sentences with one or two words only.

You will hear the recording twice.

1. The boy thinks that discipline is about using a ______to make one follow rules.

2. Discipline makes you complete work ____and thus leads to happiness.

3. The girl thinks that you can earn _______by being disciplined.

4. Discipline fills one’s life with ______ and confidence.

5. Discipline helps us overcome ______ and laziness.


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    Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4
    1. B 1.A A 1. stick
    2.C 2.B B 2. faster
    3.D 3.A E 3. respect
    4.G 4.A F 4. enthusiasm
    5.E 5.A 5.procrastination

    These are the answers

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