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Evolution Of Networking

  Evolution of networking started way back in 1969 by the development of first network called Arpanet, which led to the development of internet.   ARPANET v     The Seeds Of Today’s Internet Were Planted In 1969,When U.S. Department Of Defense Sponsored A Project Named ARPANET(Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). v     The Goal Of This Project Was To Connect Computers At Different Universities And U.S. Defense. v     Soon, The Engineers, Scientists, Students...
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Communication and network concepts.

Introduction During the 20th century the key technology has been information gathering m processing and distribution. 1.            Among other developments the installation of worldwide telephone networks, the birth and un-expected growth of the Computer Industry, and the launching of communication satellites. 2.            As we have entered in 21st century, these area rapidly converging. 3.            The old a single computer serving all of the organization needs, is rapidly being reposed...
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