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Paragraph on “The Football World Cup” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

 The Football World Cup

The World Cup is the supreme football competition. Practically every footballing nation in the world enters for it, and it is played every four years. The last finals were in Spain in 1982, when Italy beat West Germany 3-1.

The World Cup series of games was the idea of M. Jules Rimet, president of the French Football Federation who became president of FIFA (the Federation of International Football Associations — football’s highest governing body). Rimet’s plan was accepted in 1920 and the first competition was played in Uruguay in 1930.

Uruguay was chosen as the venue for several reasons — they had shown what magnificent players they were at the Olympics, they offered to pay every other team’s expenses and also because it was the year of the country’s centenary celebrations. They also won the game.

As air travel was relatively new at this time, only 13 teams took part, among them such unlikely footballing nations as the United States of America, Paraguay and Bolivia. The four British teams did not compete as they had withdrawn from FIFA before 1930. They did not play in their first World Cup until 1950.

The original World Cup trophy has been given permanently to Brazil following her third success in the World Cup series in Mexico in 1970. It has now been replaced with a new modernistic cup.


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