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Question: What is “eVirtualGuru.com” ?

Answer  :

To provide information, study material on different topics covering a wide range of subjects in the form of well-planned, well-researched write-ups according to the needs and difficulty level of target Classes/Standards.

To build rapport with students covering different social background and to enable them take help from experts in the field of Education any time. The motive is to bring the students who cannot take tuition from coaching centers, at the level of those who can avail these facilities. To give equal chance and bring high standard Education within the reach of Every Student through eVirtualGuru.com. As our MOTTO is :

“Education for Everyone !”


Question: What are the objectives of the website “eVirtualGuru.com” ?

Answer   :

The main aims/objectives of our websites are:-


  1. Provide free education to everyone.
  2. Inclusion of syllabus of Class 5th to 12th of CBSE.
  3. Publishing the valuable notes and other study material as taken from the teachers/lecturers concerned.
  4. Giving facilities to the Teachers/lecturers to publish their notes/study material directly by becoming the members of evirtualguru.com.
  5. Giving facilities of video tutorial through evirtualguru YouTube channel.
  6. The poor students who are unable to get the higher study material/books/tuition  etc due to poverty, this website will help them to get the study material/books/tuition free of cost from the reputed teachers/lecturers of prestigious school/govt. institute.
  7. The main objects of our website is to provide the study material/notes of those vocational courses (Electrical Engineering, Electronics, I.T. etc.)  whose notes/books etc are not easily available in the open market or anywhere.
  8. The sample papers/guess papers of Class 10th to 12th Class (CBSE) will also be available on the website.
  9. Our website will be easily accessible on the computer as well as even on Mobiles Phones/Tablets.
  10. In future, we are going to plan to conduct an open debate among students and teachers/lecturers for expanding their mental ability.



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