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Letter regarding the publishing of a Novel.

Letter regarding the publishing of a Novel

March 10, 2003

Dear Madhuri,

Well going through some books in a bookshop in Delhi, I came across your novel “Unseen Corners” on the shelf. I was stunned and I had to go through the back cover despite your photograph. Yes Madhuri, I could not simply believe that you have turned a novelist and that a successful novelist with a best-selling novel. As you are aware, reading has never been my habit, but after completing your novel, the only second novel I have read is “Atlas Shrugged”, I must admire your story-telling sense in the simplest language and I congratulate you for this stupendous success that you have achieved in such a short span. Really, Madhuri, sometimes one tends to spend so much time with an individual and yet not know about the talents of the individual. My word of advise for you will be to continue with your efforts and win yourself an award or two in the literary field. Your deep insight into human relationships is surprising. I’m confident that you can still write more about relationships and can write much better. I believe that being a good human being counts a lot when it comes to writing such magnum-opus. Waiting for your other novels to hit the stands.

Your Friend,

Ahmad Kalima


Reply to the previous letter

March 20, 2003

My Loving Halim,

Your congratulatory letter caught me off-guard. Knowing your passion for cricket and acting, you were the last among all persons from whom I expected a congratulatory letter. However, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to find my novel being read by the one person I admire the most and love also. Yes, Halim right, since the college days I was enchanted by your certain personality aspects like confidence, self-respect, your wit and above all you “damn care” attitude towards your detractors, to the point of being an egoist. The best gift of my novel has come to me in the form of your congratulation, which to me is priceless. I have been keeping tabs on you through our common friends and I’m aware of your bachelor status. Do you intend to be a celibate or planning to get married. If you are planning to get married, then let me remind you that I’m still eligible and would not mind an offer coming from your side. In case you are shocked on reading this, then let me tell you that I’m a best-selling author for everyone, but I’m the same Madhu, who you dated on the sly in the college days and nurtured a romantic inclination, but never came out in the open, for fear of being negatively answered. Hoping to hear a lot from your side on a positive note.

Understandingly Yours,



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