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PTE 70 Score Essay on “In what ways could mobile phones and the internet is useful to old people”

With technology, speeding up, more and more young people begin to use mobile phones and the internet, but old people have little chance to expose to them. In what ways could mobile phones and the internet is useful to old people. How can old people be encouraged to use this new technology?


The modern era is flooded with the various new trends and vistas introduced with the inauguration of this contemporary world. The youngsters are addicted to the modern electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and the internet has become very popular with them. However, the aged people left alone. They can also utilize their time by using modern technology. I would like to discuss the ways in the following paragraphs.

Lets unfold the convincing ways in which the senior, members can remove their isolation. Firstly, according to their age the old people can listen to the religious hymn with the help of mobile phones. The ultimate aim of the human beings is supposed to be attainment of spirituality and the elder people are more concerned about this. The mobile phones can give them satisfaction and ease of watching and listening the religious sermons without going outside. This can help them in utilizing their free time in the best way.

Furthermore, it is necessary to mention that the elder people who live away from their children can communicate with the children through the phone. The other distinctive feature that the internet has added is the feature of video calling. The isolated life and the age factor make the senior people sad and cut off from the other people. They can cheer their lives up by remaining in touch with their near and dear ones with the help of mobile phones.

Overall, it is wise to suggest that it is the children should also guide their parents to use the internet and mobile phones in the best possible manner. They must also take the advantages of this digital world.


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