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Essay on “The Occupation I Like Most” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Occupation I Like Most

I climb into the cockpit and sit myself down on the metal seat of the F-16 “Falcon”, one of the best supersonic planes ever invented. I run a routine check on all the aircraft’s dials and gauges as well as the weapon systems through the heads display.

The sergeant gives me the thumbs-up sign from the far run way, indicating that all the external parts of the plane are in order and functioning well. I return the gesture to indicate that all internal systems are working well and that I will be taking off.

I flick the start button and feel the soft vibration begin. I hear the hum of pure power. Pushing the throttle to three quarters, I Feel the acceleration of the plane taxiing off the runway and into the air …

I have always aspired to be a fighter pilot. My dream began when I was about seven years old. One day, my uncle took me for a ride in his private plane, It was a momentous experience for me! Soaring freely in the sky, high above the rest of civilization, I knew that I would never want to do anything as much as I wanted to fly.

As I grew older, I began to read books on aviation and air adventures. I was especially fascinated with accounts of air battles. Biggles was my hero above all other heroes. Thus, my ambition narrowed from just wanting to fly a plane to becoming a fighter pilot. The thought of scudding through the sky with the ability defy gravity with a multi-million dollar piece of machinery and patriotic fervor excited my soul.

The requirements for fighter pilot candidates are many and difficult to fulfil. Among them are academic excellence, perfect eyesight, a fit body, quick reflexes and the ability to stay cool under pressure. Well, I have never been the kind of person to leave things to chance: I am constantly aware of the need to work towards my goals.

Thus, throughout my childhood years, into adolescence and up till now, I have always made time for exercise. I play games regularly, run ten kilometres a day and work out in the gym at least three times a week.

It is crucial for a fighter pilot to be fighting fit. He must be able to withstand the high and low g’s when piloting a jet at high speed.

I have always been conscious of the need to preserve the perfect eyesight that God has blessed me with. So, I have always curtailed my hours of television-viewing. When I do watch television, I make sure I sit a good four meters away from the screen. I have always been careful to read only in well-lit areas. In addition, I watch my diet, eating food rich in vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyes. In school, I never stint on my study times. I made sure I qualified for the science stream in High School, as a pilot must have a good understanding of physics and mathematics. My hard work has paid off and I have been topping the class in these subjects. I have just sat for the O levels: The results will not be out for months but I feel confident that I have done well. Next year, I plan to do my A levels. And after that, I shall enlist in the US Air Force.

There is not much longer to wait. My dream is almost within my grasp. I pray with all my heart that it will become a reality and not remain just another of my boyish fantasies.


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