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Pte 70 Score Essay on “How the hurdles at workplace can be removed?” Enlist the possible measurements.

How the hurdles at workplace can be removed? Enlist the possible measurements.


The modern era is witnessing the various new tends. The issue of ensuring peace at workplace is becoming very popular these days. It has become very important to eliminate the flaws that tamper the progress of any company or institution. The possible solutions that can be applied to the problematic place are written below.

To initiate with the phenomenon, the first and foremost requirement is to remove the disturbing factors. The problem of noise should be solved to provide the peaceful environment. The outside factors that produce sound must be took into consideration. The doors should be sound proof and the workplace must not be surrounded by the motor vehicles. In addition to this, the indoor environment ought to be good also. The working place should neat and clean.

Moving further towards the other factors, the boss should jeep the relation good with the employees. It will help them to work with good relations and peacefully. The employees will escape from the fissures that occur in their relations. The managers should inspire them to work peacefully. It will release their stress and will increase their efficiency.

To put two and two together, it is plausible to state that it is very urgent to ensure the well being of the workplace as well as the improvements of the relations.


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