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Essay on “When I was Caught in a Rainstorm” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

When I was Caught in a Rainstorm


“Argh!” screamed my friend as the water balloon hit her full in the face. She stood in shock for a moment before char in after me, laughing and yelling out threats. We were at our annual class party and having the time of our lives. This year, we had decided on the picnic at the beach. After eating, we had all sorts of games and competitions. I could not remember when I had last enjoyed myself so much.

However, all good things must come to an end, and as it neared evening, we started preparing to leave. I was supposed to walk the short distance to my aunt’s house after the party. About halfway there, I remembered that I had left a T-shirt on the beach. I debated whether or not to return for it as I could see dark clouds heading my way. However, the shirt was an old favorite of mine and I was so wet from the water balloons that a little more water would not make a difference.

The beach was now deserted. I looked around for my T-shirt but it was nowhere to be found. Finally, after minutes of fruitless search, I gave up. The sky was dark, with thick thunderclouds and it had begun to drizzle. I started heading back. Then, suddenly, with a loud crash of thunder, the heavens burst and torrents of rain came pouring down. Holding my backpack over my head in an effort to ward off the relentless blows of the rain, I scanned the area for a place of refuge. Finally spotting a tiny shack at a distance, I dashed for it. I reached it at last and darted in, drenched to the bone and shivering from head to toe. As I shook out my hair, I mentally kicked myself for getting into this situation.

Wondering when the rain would stop, I stared out at it, dejectedly. As I gazed however, my feelings of dejection turned into awe. The black clouds hung Tow. The sea was turbulent, with powerful waves crashing onto the shore.

On the left, where jagged boulders stood in the sea, the waves threw themselves on them, sending up spy of sea water high into the air. Gust after gust of howling wind blew through the trees. Lightning streaked across the sky, time and again, lighting up the whole scene for a split second each time. I stood transfixed, captivated by the power and violence of the storm. IF was scary and magnificent at the same time. I felt I had to be part of it, to be at one with nature. I ran out and stood in the middle of the storm, revealing in the stinging rain and chilling wind, thrilling to the sounds of the thunder and the crashing waves, and relishing the magnificence of nature.


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