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Pte 70 Score Essay on “How to prevent students from cheating in exams?” Discuss with appropriate examples

How to prevent students from cheating in exams? Enlist the ways with full explanation.

The vogue of cheating in exams has become the hot potato of the day. The students are gravitated towards this and they are adopting this with happy hearts. This has become the matter of serious concern as it is affecting the real talent of the students. I am going to suggest some solid measurements to check this practice, in the forthcoming paragraphs.
To start with, it is very urgent to appoint the responsible teachers. The teacher should be wise enough to catch the practices of the students. The attentive teacher can only control the students from cheating. If the teacher is not responsible or the teacher is biased the students would get spoiled. The teacher should keep an eye on the students to prevent them from copying other students. In addition to this, the teachers should encourage the students to remain honest and fair. The time to time lectures should be delivered to inspire children to be self-dependent.

Moving further towards the other way outs, there should be mild to strict punishments for the students who copy in the exams. It should be based upon the frequency. If the child has become habitual he should be given stricter punishment to check him from that. The parents should be informed and the students should be counselled to make him realize that his habit is not good.

To conclude, it is good to state that the children should be inspired to work on their own instead of becoming parasites. The teachers and the parents should unite in this cause to form able citizens.


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