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Write a Speech for an Elocution Contest Entitled “Should Men be Househusbands?”

Write a Speech for an Elocution Contest Entitled “Should Men be Househusbands?”


“I would like to share my thoughts with you on a subject that has always been close to my heart, that is, whether men should be house-husbands. You see, as a member of the male sex I feel guilty. I feel that man has always dominated, or should I say, bullied, the fairer sex. Women have long been downtrodden and forced to mind the house.

“There was a very good reason for this in ancient times. Eking out a living then consisted mainly of running around with a club or spear, hunting deer, moose, or dinosaurs. However, now that we’re approaching the year 2000, there has been a vast’ change. Bringing home the bacon in modern times needs intelligence and sensible thinking. And, as we all know, women can and do think as sensibly and intelligently as men.

“Thus, more and more women now qualify as doctors, lawyers and scientists. So, then, who will stay at home to take care of the children? Usually in cases where the mother works, the children are left in daycare centers. This is not healthy. Children need parental care. So, what often happens is that the wife has to quit her job. Is this fair? Not really. The men should be given the duty to mind the house occasionally, especially when the wife has better qualifications.

“Some people doubt that a man can manage a household. You see, the women have been doing itfor centuries. People have thus come to the conclusion that it is the woman’s duty to mind the home and it shall be her role forever.

“Actually, men are perfectly capable of performing domestic chores and minding children. And, as fathers, men can give the affection and care that the children need. And that’s what really counts.

“Personally, if my wife insists on being the breadwinner, I will be relieved of the stress of running in the rat race. I could even play golf every morning while the kids are at school. What’s so bad about that? So, let’s give the women the chance to work at those jobs that they’ve always wanted, while we men opt for more ‘relaxed’ lifestyles. And, who knows, perhaps the country would be run better. After all, looking at the current state of the world, what with wars, famines and nuclear weapons, perhaps we men should just stay at home to mind the house and let the women run the world!”


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