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Pte 70 Score Essay on “What are the barriers at workplace?” Explain elaborately.

What are the barriers at workplace?  Explain elaborately.

In this modern world the trend of digitalization is increasing at a very fast pace. The people are becoming very conscious that is enabling them to put their energies in making their life more comfortable. They are working around the clock. But the peace is very important to work effectively. The problems that are faced by the workers are mentioned below in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin the first and foremost hurdle, the noise is very disturbing at the workplace. The employees get distracted when the noise comes to the place where they want to work efficiently. This make them feel annoyed and the work efficiency reduces to the lower level.  In addition to this, the environment must be clean enough to keep the employees in very good condition. If the case is reverse they will fall ill and this leads to the degradation in their health levels.

Moving further, the insufficient infrastructure and material also plays very important part in making negative effects. The modern world is the era of technology and if the workplace is lacking in it that means the workers cannot give their best. Apart from this, the abstract things such as the behavior of the boss, the relationships among the employees also matters a lot. The harmonious environment motivates them to work effectively.

To recapitulate, there are many things and facts that effect the working capabilities as well as the mood of the workers. These facts should be considered by the employer to ensure the high proficiency.


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