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PTE 70 Score Essay on “Does television removes our loneliness or not?”

Does television removes our loneliness or not?


There is no denying the fact that from different and interesting recreational sources television is very important. It not only enables us to witness the faraway places but also helps in providing company. The contemporary world is filled with the isolated people and television is proving their true friend. I would like to discuss this in the subsequent paragraphs.

The television is a very good friend. There are numerous situations that can justify that in the presence of television a person can live alone with ease. Firstly, the children whose parents are busy doing their job can entertain themselves with the medium of television. Their parents work around the clock and the children are free when they go to job. The parents feel secure if the television is there because the children like television very much. Moreover, the youngsters who prefer to live away from their home seek the company of television.

Furthermore, the housewives can do their household chores by listening to music and news. They don’t feel bore and find ease in finishing the work. Apart from this, the old age people who live the sedentary life can switch on the TV and enjoy the different sites by just sitting in their bed. They can cherish the company of television without sinking into the sadness of their isolation.

To conclude, It is quite clear that television is very helpful in removing the isolation. Every age group[ can take its help if they are feeling lonely.


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