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Download Turbo C++ Windows 4.5 Software for Computer Science Class 11 and 12 , CBSE

Download Software: Download C++ Windows

Turbo C++ Windows 4.5 Software.

How to Run Turbo C++ Windows 4.5 Software ?

Step-1- After Successfully installation of the software go to start menu, click at Turbo C++ 4.5 folder under All Programs option.

Step-2-Then Click Turbo C++ Option from various other options.


Step-3- After Turbo C++ Option well designed window appears on computer screen, click file option and then click new ( for create new program).


Step-4-Create new program in window screen.

Step-5-After that go to debug menu click run (or ctrl+f9).

Step-6- If no error during compilation program will execute properly on  computer screen.



Step-7- After successfully execute program click file option then go to save as option, save program desired place.



Happy Programming.


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