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PTE 70 Score Essay on “Imitating celebrities in sports and movies is good or bad”

Imitating celebrities in sports and movies is good or bad.


The media has influenced the minds of adolescents as well as children to the great extent. They have started following their favorite film stars and the sports persons. The vogue of cinematic people and the lifestyle of physical fit people are casting the spell on their minds. Some people raise the question of the effects of this of following. I would like to stay in the favors of healthy following rather than blind one. The views related to this been mentioned below.

To initiate with the bright side of the phenomenon, it is wise to say that the people should follow the celebrities. The first convincing reason is that they feel inspired with the lifestyle of the famous people. The hardships and the courage teach them to work hard in their lives to achieve the goal. The various celebrities failed in other professions, got fame in the bollywood or Hollywood. These kinds of stories help them elevating their morale. The philanthropic works of famous people kindle the flame of social service in the common people.

On the other side of the coin, the people who follow the celebrities blindly fall a prey to the bad habits and detrimental results. The bad habits of celebrities such as drinking and smoking attract them to try this. The lavish lifestyle of the famous people gravitate the common person to live like them. In the imitation, some people go bankrupt. This ruins their economic condition. The violent behave in movies gives rise to the aggression and chaos in the society.

Overall, the people should be wise enough to follow the trends and traits of celebrities according to their requirements and their well-being. The bad trends should be ignoring to ensure the harmony in life.


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