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NSQF/NVQF Sample Question Paper of Introduction to Tourism-I (406/466)-First Term (SA-1)-Class 9

CBSE / Vocational / NSQF/LEVEL-I/2014 – 15
Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi
Class – IX
Subject- Introduction to Tourism-I- SA-I
Paper- Theory, Code: 406 /466
Time Allowed- 01 hours
Maximum Marks- 30

General Instructions
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. The question paper consists of four sections A, B, C and D.
3. Section – A has 4 questions of 1 mark each
4. Section – B has 3 questions of 02 marks each
5. Section – C has 5 questions of 03 marks each
6. Section –D has only 1 questions of 05 marks
7. Internal choices are provided in B,C &D Sections

Section –A (1X4= 04 marks)

1. Types of communication are _______________ and _______________.
2. Both _____________ and _____________ skills are necessary for tourism professional.
3. Visitors are either ________________ or ___________________.
4. _______________________ and _______________ are the two main purpose of travel.

Section –B (2X3= 06 marks)

1. What are the four zones associated with Language of Distance?

What are the rules for Good Listening?

2. Differentiate between Soft Skills and Hard Skills.

What is meant by language of Time?

3. A gust from Europe visits India, Delhi for a conference. The guest also visits heritage monuments in Delhi for a Day What type of traveller is the guest? Why?

Section C (3X5= 15 marks)

1. What is meant by Body Language? Explain with suitable examples the importance of correct body language for tourism professional.
Differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication.

2. Explain the communication process with the help of a diagram.

3. What do you understand by Traveller Typology?

4. How can Language be a barrier in Tourism communication? Explain with the help of suitable examples.

5. Define tourism. What is the origin of the world tourism?

As tourism professional how will you attract outbound tourists?

Section –D (1X5= 05 marks)

1. What are the A s of tourism?
What are the main purposes of tourists travelling to India?


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