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Sample Paper of Multimedia & Web Technology 2014 for class 12, CBSE. Paper No.2

Sample Paper – 2014

Class – XII

Subject – Multimedia And Web Technology



Time allowed: 3 hours                                                                              Maximum Marks : 70

Note :

  • Please check that this question paper contains 7 questions..
  • Answer the questions after carefully reading the text.
  • Please write down the serial number of the question before attempting it .


Q1. a) What is a database and DBMS?                                                                         1

  1. b) Name the following 2
  2. Alphanumeric characters upto 65,535 characters..
  3. The number of records in a relation.

c)Study the following data and answer the questions given below :

mul 3 - Copy

  1. Name the field, which can act as the primary key for the table Patient and the table Doctor respectively. 1
  2. Name the field, which can act as the foreign key for the table Patient.1

iii. What type of relationship exists between the table Patient and the table Doctor ?                                                                                             1

  1. d) Write the full form of 1) FSF 2) FLOSS                                                               1
  2. e) Define the term Localization. 1
  3. f) what are the following software used for 2
  1. GNU   2.PostgreSQL  3.Python  4.Mozilla firefox

Q2.  Questions given below are based on Macromedia Flash:

  1. Which features of the Flash Publish Settings is used to protect the users from importing your work and use it as their own? Brief on the steps involved.             1
  2. Explain the usage of the following tools available in Flash 5.                           2
    1. Modifiers ii.        Launcher Bar
  3. Ms Nikita Mittal (topper of the last year ) has created a flash movie for launch of a new project . Mr. S. Expert feels that the animation is excellent but is running a little too slow. What should Nikita do to make the animation run faster without designing a new one? 1
  1. d) What is the extension of following file format 2
  2. Window Projector
  3. Real player
  4. e) Consider the figure given below and do as directed: 4

mul 2

  • The bag on the left hand side shows the position and size of the image forframe 1. The colour of the image is yellow.
  • The hut on the right hand side shows the position and size of the image forframe 20. The colour of the image is red.
  • The circle on frame 1 moves and transforms into a semicircle on frame 20.Write the procedure and property settings for animating the above scenario.

Q3 .  Question given below are based on HTML:

  1. a) ) Differentiate between FOR—–NEXT and FOR EACH—-NEXT . 1

b)Name the TAG and ATTRIBUTE to be used in the following situation        1

  1. To give the color of the border of a frame
  2. To display the cell content at the bottom of the cell of a table.
  3. c) Write the HTML code to generate a Web Page in the format given below : 8

Consider the following while writing the HTML code

  1. 1. Background colour of the page should be “black”, text color should be “white” and link colour should be “Green”.
  2. Title of the page is “LILYPAD”.
  3. Text colour of main heading on the page should be “Red”.
  4. Font face of text in the page should be “Arial”.
  5. Image used in the page is the file “earth.jpg”.
  6. Pages linked to :
    The Land Arch a2.php
  • The Interactive Matrix php
  • The Growing Process php
  1. The table should have a border of 3 pixels and the background color of the first row should be “Aqua”.
  2. the bottom message should be of size 2 and the text “mail to us” is an E-mail link to the e-mail address saveEarth@who.info .

mul 4

Q 4.  Answer the following questions based on ASP:

  1. a) Name the component and method to test whether the user has permission for the target web page. 2
  2. b) Explain the working of global.asa. 1
  3. c) Name the built in function which can be used for the following 2
  4. i) to convert the expression into Date and Time value.
  5. ii) Returns the largest valid index for array.
  6. d) How strfirstname=Request.Form(“FirstName”) is different from strfirstname=Request.QueryString(“FirstName”) 2
  7. e) Give output of the following statements: 3
  8. i) Response.Write(LEFTt(Lcase(“SWINE flu PaNdEmiC”),len(“case”))

ii<%=(MID(monthname(month(date()))),Minute(“#6:25#”) mod 4 ,len(“exam”))%>

iii) Response.Write((2*7^2>50 mod 3) EQV (7>5 XOR 5*3<5))




Q 5.  Answer the following questions based on ASP:

  1. a) Write the ASP script to display the client browser type and IP address of the client machine .   1
  2. b) Underline the errors in the following code and write the corrected script. 2



<% for a = 10 To 4  step -2 %>

<FONT SIZE= <% a %>>

Find at least four errors.<BR>

< Next>



  1. c) Use the following script to answer the questions that follow: 2

<%  DIM D




C = 20








(i) What is the scope of variable Cand D in the above script?

(ii) How many times will the subroutine ASD be executed in the above script?


  1. d) Give the output of the following set of statements: 2

<%  dim s,c,h,k

sub work(p,q)



response.write(p  & “ “ & q & “<BR>”)

end sub







work(h,k) %>




  1. e) write a program in ASP to count the number of space in a paragraph stored in “d:/wwwroot/localhost/astronaut.txt” 3

Q6. Answer the following questions based on VBScript:

  1. a) Define the term event. Name the events to be used to display a message every time the viewer closes a web page.                                     1
  2. b) Find the errors in the following code 2

<htnl>    <body>                  s=” Dynamic Array”

for i= 1 to 7 step 2

if mod(len(s),2)=1

response.write (n)

loop        </body> </html>

  1. c) Write the equivalent script for the following code using Do Until….. Loop without effecting the output:                                                 2


DIM count,ans

ans=1      count=2




LOOP WHILE count<=10



  1. d) Give the output of the following code segment: 2


sub result()


for i=ubound(array) to 2 step -2

arr(i) = arr(i)/2



end sub  </SCRIPT)

  1. e) Write the HTML code for creating the form given below and also write the embedded VBScript code for the click event of the submit button, such that it displays a message with the name entered by the user and amount of his bill. The costs are given below : 3

Regular Pizza     : Rs. 200                        Pan Pizza          : Rs. 250

The toppings cost extra :

Cheese  :Rs. 80       Capsicum:Rs. 95           Peperoni : Rs. 70

If the user enters name as “Umang” and selects “Pan” and topping as “Cheese” then it should display the message “Dear Utsav ! Your bill amount is Rs. 330” in a message box.

Q7. Answer the following questions based on Communication and network concepts:

  1. a) Give two advantage and two disadvantage of tree topology . 2
  2. b) Define Channel and Data Transfer rate. What are the units of data transfer rate?                                                 2
  3. c) Identify the following 2
  4. A general purpose client-server internet facility that facilitates remote login.

ii software categories that has restriction on using and copying software and enforces a license fee.

  1. d) WIMAX has set up its new center at Faridabad for its office and web based activities, it has 4 offices of buildings as shown in the diagram below : 4





The distances between the different Offices are given below :

Office 1 to Office 2                             50 m

Office 2 to Office 3                             60 m

Office 3 to Office 4                             55 m

Office 4 to Office 1                             170 m

Office 1 to Office 3                             125 m

Office 2 to Office 4                             90 m


Number of computers

Office 1                                                                 15

Office 2                                                                 150

Office 3                                                                 5

Office 4                                                                 1


Answer the following questions based on the above given information :

(i) Suggest suitable cable layout(s) for connecting the Offices.

(ii) Where do you think the server should be placed and explain why ?

(iii) The Wimax is planning to link its office situated in the different part of the same city ,which type of network will be formed .Give reason.

(iv) Where and why should repeaters and hub/switch be used ?


Paper Submitted by:  Sudhir Dwivedi

Email : sudhirdwi@gmail.com

Phone No.  9873690129




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