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Sample Paper of Multimedia & Web Technology 2014 for class 12, CBSE. Paper No.1

Guess Paper – 2014

Class – XII

Subject – Multimedia & Web Technology



Q1. Answer the following questions on the  basis of ASP:                                                (20)


  • What is the difference in HTML and ASP file? 1
  • Name two equivalent tools of ASP. 1
  • Explain the steps to create a virtual directory in IIS manager.                                  1
  • What is the difference in Adrotator and Content rotator?                                        1

5) Identify the following:                                                                                                 2


(i) The collection used to retrieve the values of form elements sent using the POST method.

(ii) The alternate command for <% =”HELLO” %>


  • Ram is a programmer. He wants to add some adds on the website. Which component will help him to insert adds on the website?                                                                1
  • What is a Cookie? 2
  • What is the advantage of database over methods of storing data like cookies, application Variables, and text files. 2
  • Write the ASP code that will read all lines from the text file called mytext.txt and display the total number of lines contained in the file. 3
  • Observe the program segment given below carefully and fill the blanks marked as Line 1 and

Line 2 using methods of the RecordSet object for performing the required task.     2


DIM objConn, strConn, objRS

SET objConn = Server. CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”)

strConn = “DSN=exam”

objConn. Open strConn

SET objRS = Server.CreateObject(“ADODB.RecordSet”)

objRS.Open “Student”, objConn, 2, 2

objRS.MoveLast ‘Move the cursor to the end of file

______________ ‘Line 1 to Add a new blank record

objRS(“AdmNo”) = Request.Form(“AdmNo”)

objRS(“Name”) = Request.Form(“Name”)

______________ ‘Line 2 to save the record in the database



SET objRS = Nothing

SET objConn = Nothing



  • Build an ASP page that asks the user whether they want to go to any three different web  sites of your choice. Once they have made a selection redirect them to th appropriate page by using Select Case statement.                                                                                        4

Q2. Answer the following questions based on VBScript:                                       (20) 

  1. i) Differentiate between a sub-routine and a function with the help of an example. 2
  2. ii) What is the difference in Local Variable and Global Variable. 2
  3.  Name the built-in functions to be used in the following situations:                      2
  4. To return a number rounded to specified decimal places.
  5. To check if string1 occurs within string2 and return the starting position of string2   in string
  6. Write the equivalent script for the following code using FOR loop without effecting


the output:                                                                                                                             2



DIM count,ans






LOOP WHILE count<=10




  1. v) Give the output of the following code segment: 2


<Script Language=”VBScript”>

Dim A , B

A = 1

B = 10

Do While A < 5


A = A + 1

B = B – 2




  1. vi) Write the output: 4




document.write(mid(right(rtrim(“multimedia   “),5),2,3)

document.write((Strreverse(Mid(“Today we have exam”,11,9))


vii)  Write an HTML code for creating a form, which accepts the birth date from

the user in a textbox and displays the day of the week in a message box on

the click of a button.                                                                                                               3

viii) Write a program that accepts the date of birth of the user as dd/mm/yyand calculates his age now. The age is then displayed in a message box.                                                                                3


Q3. Answer the following questions on the basis of Networking:                                    (20)


  1. a) What is the difference in Circuit Switching and Packet Switching? 2
  1. b) What is the difference in LAN and WAN? 2
  2. c) Why Linux is so popular these days? 1


  1. d) Expand the following: 2


  1. a) CDMA b) OSI               c) FLOSS                 d) SMTP


  1. e) Girish Ramanuj is an entrepreneur who has recently set up a new business. Girish needs to create a lot of documents, presentations, databases and spreadsheets to maintain data and spread his business. However, he does not have the money to purchase any of the proprietary software which offers all these packages. Can you suggest what software can Girish use for which he has to pay no licensing fee?
  1. f) Why is optical fibre cable preferred over twisted pair cable and coaxial cable? 2
  1. g) What is multimedia? How it helps in business? 2
  1. h) Explain the following terms: 3
  2. Shareware


iii Python


  1. i) An Organization has its offices in building A, B, C and D. 4 Answer questions (a) to (d) in context of the following layout of the three offices: Centre to Centre distances between different buildings are as follows:

Block A to Block B 100 m

Block A to Block C 70 m

Block A to Block D 20 m

Block B to Block C 150 m

Block B to Block D 120 m

Block C to Block D 140 m


Each of the above buildings has following number of computers

A 65

B 30

C 25

D 40

(i) Suggest and draw the layout for a network, with proper justification to connect all the office

(ii) Where would the following preferably be placed

  • Bridge
  • Repeater

(iii) Suggest the most suitable place to house the server for the organization with proper justification.

(iv) If the organization needs to link up to a branch office which is in a neighboring city, (around 100 km distant) suggest the best type of cabling connection, from the building hosting the server, provided price is not a factor.




Q4. Answer the following questions on the basis of Multimedia:                         (10)


  • Name two Still Image file formats. 2
  • What is the advantage of PDF format? 2
  • Write a short mote on Video on demand and Information Kiosk.                         2
  • What is the difference in AVI an DAT format.                                                        2
  • Raja Maheshwari is planning to gift a digital album to his daughter on her birthday. All the images have lots of colur shading and are all satic images. Which of the following format are best suited for this purpose:
    1. GIF
    2. JPEG
  • AVI


Justify your choice.                                                                                                      2





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