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Sample Business Letter, complete letter of Business example.

Sample Business Letter

Writing a business letter is not a regular task in our day to day life. But it’s not that difficult to write effective business letter. A good business letter should not ramble on it should give all important information in simple and precise manner. Professionals don’t have enough time to go on reading whole letter hence it is important to state your reason in the opening sentence of the letter.



Tarim Bansal


Shyam Park


Date: 14th September, 2011

Dear Mr. Bansal,

We are very happy to inform you that the board of directors has selected your proposal during the general meeting held on 12th September, 2011. We are satisfied with all the aspects mentioned therein and would like to give you the contract for the 50 slab casting machines.

We would send our representative to your office for the remaining paperwork and the token amount. All this machines should be completed within 18 months as per your proposal letter. The payment for the same will be done in three installments first on the date of contract, second on the date of completion on 25 machines and tired on the date of completion of the contract. Your organization is known organization for the production of the slab casting machines hence we would love to have cordial relationship between two companies.

Yours Truly

Mayank Kapoor


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