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Keep in Touch Letter, complete letter of Business example.

Keep in Touch Letter

This type of letter suggesting or convincing and advising ones close friends, or even special ones to stay connected at least in a week or whenever possible. This would-most probably a hit of salty and sugar coated words depending upon the relationship with the recipient, to make him realize about the distance of parting away due to unavoidable reasons.



Tarun Bansal 


Shyam Park


Subject: Sincere request to keep in touch


Dear Mr. Bansal,

I was shocked to see my letter after having just left and part away from college just a couple of weeks ago. Well it’s my style to bring back together and hold on to our college group who seems to get separated and simply go along their own ways. Just giving it a sincere try, who wish to live life just like those college days, to share and support for every minute crust and fragments happening in the life. So without any compulsion and without any special invitation this is a one time offer cum request cum order to keep in touch and also to live forever as best buddies. Hoping to see you at Cafe da Villa on this Sunday evening to celebrate our new beginning in a grand way.

Thanking You

Ramesh Saha


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