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NSQF Sample Question Paper for Automobile Technology(404 /464) SA-1 Class 9

 CBSE / Vocational / NSQF/LEVEL-I/2014 – 15

Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi

Class – IX


Subject- Automobile Technology- SA-I                 

Paper- Theory, Code: 404 /464

Time Allowed- 01 hours                  Maximum Marks- 30


General Instructions

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. The question paper consists of four sections A, B, C and D.
  3. Section – A has 6 questions. Questions are of 1 mark each
  4. Section – B has 5 questions of  2 marks each
  5. Section – C has 3 questions of  3 marks each 
  6. Section –D has only 1 questions of  5 marks
  7. Internal choice is provided in Section D only


  Section- A – (MCQ)-1 Mark

 Choose the correct option form given choices:-

 Q.1 The first automobile powered by its own four stroke cycle gasoline engine was built in Mannheim, Germany by:-    

          a.James Watt                          b. Karl Benz

          c.Morris                                   d. Daimler

Q.2 A wheel greatly reduces friction facilitating motion by rolling together with the use of:-                                                                                                                             a.Engine                                    c. Gears

         b. Axles                                      d. Flywheel

Q.3 Our country produces every year about:-        

        a. 2.5 million two wheelers

        b. 3.1 million two wheelers

        c. 5.4 million two wheelers

        d. 9.8 million two wheelers

Q.4 Chassis is French term to denote the frame or main structure of a vehicle. It is also known as:-                                                              

       a.Water body                              c. Liquid material

       b.Rubber packing                      d. Carrying Unit

Q.5 In compression Ignition Engine or Diesel Engine, the fresh air is compressed so much that its temperature reaches up to:-     

         a. 2000° F (1093° C)                c. 1500° F (815° C)

         b.1000° F (538° C)                   d. 3000° F (1648° C)                                                     Q.6 Engine Converts the chemical energy (Heat Energy) to :  

         a) Electrical Energy               c) Mechanical Energy

        b) Thermal Energy                 d) Solar Energy


 Section B  (Short Answer I )- 2 Marks

 Q.7 Write any three benefits of using two wheeler as a medium of transport.                                                             

Q.8 What do you understand by ‘trikes’?    

Q.9 Name any four important components of Air conditioning system of automobile vehicle.                                        

Q.10 Why some of the automotive engines are called Internal Combustion engines?                                                             

Q.11 What do you understand by Generating or charging system of an automobile vehicle?                                        


Section C  (Short Answer II )-3 Marks

 12 Write about Maruti Udyog Collaboration with Suzuki of Japan. 

13 Write any three difference between spark Ignition engine and compressed Ignition engine.              

Q.14 Name any four components of steering system.      


Section D (Long Answer)- 5 Marks

 Q.15 Write the primary and secondary objectives of lubrication system.                                                                              OR

Why the seat belts and Air bags are necessary for active and passive safety in an automobile vehicle?           


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