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NSQF Sample Question Paper for Automobile Technology-First Term (SA-1) Class 10

NVEQF Level – II – Class – X



TIME : 1 hour                                                         Max. Marks =30

Attempt all questions.

Q.1. Choose Correct Answer: –                                                                                  1 X 6 = 6 marks

i.)Which is not a component of cooling system?  

a) Radiator          b) Radiator Pressure Cap        c) Oil Strainer              d) Thermostat

ii.)Full form of MPFI is

a) Multi Point Fuel injection                                    b) Multi Point Fuel Ignition

c)Multi Port Fuel Injection                                     d) Multi Port Fuel Ignition

iii.) Distance travelled by the piston in moving from T.D.C. to B.D.C. is called.

a) Bore                    b) Stroke                      c) BHP                         d) IHP

iv)Pneumatic wrenches are operated with the help of

a) Electricity b) Mechanical means   c) Hydraulic Pressure   d) Compressed air

v) Which is not a component of Diesel engine

a) Fuel Injection Pump (FIP)          b) Fuel Filter          c) Air Cleaner              d) Distributor

vi) The gears which is widely used for final drive is

a) Spur Gears                        b) Helical Gears                       c) Worm Gears                   d) Hypoid Gears

Q.2. Answer the following in brief:-                                   2 X 5 = 10 marks

  1. Write the uses of torque wrench in Automobile Servicing Centre.
  2. Write the uses of Air compressor in Automobile workshop.
  3. Name different types of gear boxes used in Automobile. What is the advantage of using synchromesh unit in the gear box
  4. Name major components of transmission system.
  5. Write functions of universal joint and sliding or slip joint fitted along with propeller shaft.

Q3                                                                                                                          3 X 3 = 9 marks

  1. Define I.H.P., B.H.P. and F.H.P., and what is the relation among three?
  2. What is the basic principle of Air cooling system and what are the factors on which it depends?
  3. . Explain the principle of gearing.

Q.4. Explain the properties of a good lubricant                                 5 marks


Write in detail classification of I.C. engines                            


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