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Letter on “Introducing a new Product” English Business Letter Example.

Introducing a new Product



401, Sadar Bazar


20th August  

Dear Sirs

We think you will be interested in a novelty for which we are the largest manufacturers. This new invention definitely satisfies a long-standing want, and it cannot fail to save time and trouble.

After vigorous scientific research, a new substance, Bakelite, has been evolved. The new material is unaffected by water and most chemicals, and it is light in weight without being delicate, further, it readily lends itself to household uses, as the enclosed catalogue illustrates.

In order to popularize these products, all the catalogue prices are subject to a special discount of 20% during the month of March only. In all probability, this offer will not be repeated for sometime, and we accordingly look forward to receiving an early reply from you, when we should be pleased to demonstrate the complete range of these novelties.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


For National Trading Co.


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