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Letter on “Manufacturer’s offer to wholesalers” English Business Letter Example.

Letter on “Manufacturer’s offer to wholesalers”



Mahatma Gandhi Road

New Delhi

20th January …

Dear Sirs

Reports from users all over the world confirm what we already knew before the now-famous DUNLOP Tyre was put on the market—that is the realisation of every car-owner’s dream.

This list of shortcomings of the ordinary tyre must be well-known to you; punctures, wall failure under sudden stress, lack of road grip on wet or greasy surfaces—to name the chief grumbles of the ordinary motorist. What a pleasure it would be if you could offer customers something beyond criticism is these vital qualities of road-holding and complete reliability!

We could tell you a lot more about the new DUNLOP tyre but prefer you to read the enclosed copies of reports from racing drivers, test drivers, ordinary motorists, motor dealers, and motor manufacturers.

Our terms of business are already known to you, of course, but to encourage you to lay in your stock of the new DUNLOP we will allow a special discount of 2-1/2% on any order received by the end of this month.

A good stock will enable you to take full advantage of the advertising campaign which we intend to run in your country in April. Your local agent is who will be pleased to attend to your requirements and to give you after-sales service.

Thanking you

 Yours faithfully


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