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Letter on “Announcing the new publication” English Business Letter Example.

Letter announcing the new publication



507, Vikram Tower, Rajendra Place


25th June………  

Re: Complete Guide for Exporters,

Compiled by: H.L. Kumar & V. Kumar

(Price Rs. 375)

Dear Sirs

We introduce you with the above publications of their own type for which you are seeking since long for such a complicated Export Policy and Procedure.

The guide has been compiled systematically in a simplified manner. It is a Ready Reference Guide for all experienced and non-experienced manufacturers, traders, and exporters.

The guide has been beautifully printed in about 200 pages handy in size and the price is kept considerably low within the reach of all.

We are sending you herewith folder of the book. When you have read the enclosed folder, we hope you will order for your copy.

Thanking you and awaiting your esteemed order by return of post which will receive our most careful and prompt attention.

Yours faithfully


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