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Introduction of “Precis”, Precis Writing Rules For Government Exams.

Introduction of “Precis”

Precis Writing

Precis Writing

Précis is a summary or an abstract of a passage which may have the form of a letter, a report, an article, or a piece of verse. The aim of a précis is to present the main points of the passage in a clear and concise manner that is easily understandable. Précis, therefore, has great practical applications, particularly in policy-making and business administration. Busy executives of an organization, who may be its key decision-takers, usually have to base their decisions on a wide variety of complex information, each of which they may not be able to assess themselves. A précis of all important inputs made available to them in a well-articulated and balanced manner will help them take their decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Précis, as an exercise, will help improve composition skills as well as facility in the language. Practice in identifying essential points from passages and in presenting them in a consistent, coordinated, and comprehensible form, is necessary for creating good précis. The length of a précis is usually a third of its original passage. A précis should preferably have a title that reflects its theme.


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