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Report to the manager of an insurance company, the unhappy experience you had while visiting his office to transact business.

Report to the manager of an insurance company, the unhappy experience you had while visiting his office to transact business.

1 November 2003



The Branch Manager

XYZ Insurance Company


Sub: – Surrender of policy no: 83471976

Dear Sir,

I wish to bring to your notice, the disappointing experience I had in your office while seeking information regarding the surrender of my policy.

I own the subject policy. Serviced by your branch, besides two others of greater worth and facilities serviced elsewhere. As I find the policy in question the least rewarding of the three, I wish to surrender it. But, before deciding on surrender, I need a reliable indication of the value that I may salvage from it. This is to determine whether the salvaged amount if invested elsewhere, will fetch returns that would match those from the policy, the policy was continued.

I approached your office a few days ago for this information but was told that a formal, written application for surrender of the policy was necessary for it. I gave the application on 30 October 1998, but as the concerned staff member was unavailable, was asked to come on the following day. As I wished to have the information without delay, I approached the Administrative Officer with a fresh application. Even though he was busy, he was kind enough to attend to my request immediately. He said that the necessary calculations were time-taking, but nevertheless, agreed to give an approximate figure, which he did gracefully and quickly.

As my need was for a more reliable indication, if not the exact figure itself, I visited your office again on 31 October 1998 to meet the staff member who was unavailable the previous day. She agreed, after some persuasion, to oblige me, and a while later, gave me a figure that varied widely from the one given by the Administrative Officer earlier. As the difference was substantial, I requested a check of the calculations but was surprised by her response. She stuck to the figure she had given and refused to verify it. When on my request, the Administrative Officer directed her to check her calculations, again, my doubts about the veracity of the figure were vindicated; the revised figure was more than that she had given earlier.

I hope I am justified in believing that the salvage value of a policy is assessed on the basis of transparent and accessible rules that shall result in a definite amount and not in values that vary according to the whims and fancies of your staff. It may be unreasonable to expect your company to encourage the surrender of policies, and moreover, it may not be part of your regular service to provide such information as I sought. But, obviously, surrender is not a provision that every policyholder seeks. Nevertheless, the company cannot deny me a service I seek lawfully, in accordance with the provisions mentioned in my policy.

Considering the confusion I have suffered, I request an opportunity to acquaint myself with the data and procedure of the calculations, so that I can be convinced of their authenticity. I shall make a fresh application for surrender after that.

I hope a prompt and proper response to this letter will follow.

Thanking you.


Yours faithfully,

(Name & Signature)

(Writer’s address)



Note:- The letter is a lucid and convincing narration of events and actions, from which the reader may get a clear picture of what really took place. While the first two paragraphs acquaint the reader with the background of the events, the final two attempt to exact decisive action.


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