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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “Bureaucracy” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Government Exams.

For long after independence, the Civil Service attracted the country’s best brains, but bureaucracy became a dirty word — it was held responsible for all that went wrong in we areas where the Government’s role mattered. Was it the sinner or was it sinned against? Perhaps both, Bureaucrats did not function in a vacuum or in lofty isolation. They were part of the new milieu, where the machinery was concerned not only with law and order and venue collection, as was the case in the colonial days, but also with vastly expanded activity ranging from social welfare to economic development and from conducting external relations to dealing with center-state relations apart from looking after the general administration. The democratic polity that we gave unto ourselves, accorded a dominant position in the government to the large tribe of elected representatives. This was a new situation, challenging and exciting. It called for a readjustment of roles, and the establishment of new equations. With some shining exceptions, the bureaucracy did not – or could not rise to the occasion. But let this generalization not convey the impression that the administrative services were totally devoid of uprightness, (192 words)


Solved Precis


The Civil Service once attracted the most talented people. But, since Independence, owing to the increase in its responsibilities, and the need to work under the people’s representatives, the bureaucracy, as part of democratic governance, has not always been successful. Except in certain instances, when it showed efficiency and uprightness, the bureaucracy has not apparently delivered what is expected of it.

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