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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “India Can Become a World Power” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India Can Become a World Power


India has gained a unique position in the global community due to its diverse culture. Our 220  country is known for its unity in diversity. There are not many nations in the world who can boast of having a population so diverse yet so closely joined like India. After China, India ranks second most populated country in the world. India offers one of the biggest markets for the global business. Extensive domestic market has attracted foreign business houses to set up their base in India. A few decades ago, the power of a nation was judged by its military strength. However, today this has changed because no longer military alone assures power to a nation. Although Japan has a small military force it is a global superpower by the asset of its strong economy. On the other hand, India is blessed for not only having a strong military force but also a prosperous economy. According to the latest estimate, India has been named among the top nations of the world that would rule the globe by the virtue of its pure economic strength. India has grown in her stature as an emerging global power. Even in the matters concerning global issues like terrorism, India is seen as an important helper by the developed nations to put an end to it. India’s growth rate has also won the confidence of the global investors to invest in her flourishing economy. India is one of the few nations in the world that has a dominant young population, which is productive and innovative. In the field of information technology, medicine and engineering, India is shining bright-not only in the domestic but also in

International markets. India has made her present felt all over the globe.

The Indian technology is at the same level with any advanced technology across the world. India’s young talent has increased the prospects of becoming the global superpower sooner than expected. Although India is not too far from being the global superpower, there are certain obstacles that need to be cleared soon.

While India’s model of democracy has gained global praise and respect, we still need to pay attention to the basic infrastructure that is crucial for the growth of any nation. Unless this issue is not taken seriously, it will be difficult to win more confidence of the investor. The race of becoming the global superpower might become a more challenging task’ in the coming times. It is the responsibility of all the citizens to play their role in helping the nation to get its respectful place in the world. However, one must thank the great minds of India who have brought us to this point where India is seen as the new emerging superpower of the world.


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