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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Advertisements ” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Essay No. 01

Advertisements are a form of communication used to assure a viewer, a reader or a listener to react favourably with respect to the products. Usually advertisements are produced to motivate the behaviour of the listeners and the viewers to create a strong Opinion and liking towards the product advertised. Advertisements spread messages relating to the products. These messages are usually paid by the sponsors. Advertisements are broadcasted and aired by different means like radio, televisions, magazines, newspapers, websites on the internet, etc.

The growth and progress of mass production took place by the end of 19th century and early 20th century. Gradually, this led to the development of modern advertising. In 1841, the first television advertisement was broadcasted in America. The twenty-second spot displayed a picture of a clock placed on the map of America. This advertisement was produced with the voice, “America runs on Bulova time.” Similarly, in 1955, the first television commercial in United Kingdom was broadcast. Gibbs SR toothpaste was shown through this advertisement. In 1960, the first television advertisement was telecasted in Philippines. It displayed Tide detergent powder. Until early 1990s, advertising on television was only affordable to large companies. However, with the advent of modern technology many small and local businesses started producing television commercials. This has helped them to increase the sales of their products.

To attract the attention of the viewers, most of the television advertisements feature catch-slogans or catchy jingles. This helps in keeping their mind attracted to the product for longer time. Comedy element also works as an important tool in creating successful advertisements. The effects of humour and its association to increase the influence and impact of the advertisement are immense.

In today’s time, animation is frequently used in advertisements. The pictures shown in the advertisement can differ from hand-drawn traditional animation to sophisticated computer graphics. By using animated characters, an advertisement may have a certain attraction that is difficult to achieve with male and female performers or mere product presentations. An animated advertisement can run for many years. Thus, it can achieve long lasting fame, particularly among children.

Advertising Standards Council of India established the Code for Self-Regulation of Advertising in India. This Code is applicable on television commercials. If viewers see an advertisement, which they think to be false, misrepresenting or offensive, they are free to complaint to Advertising Standards Council of India. However, seeing at the present several cleverly produced advertisements, one can presume that with the passage of time advertisements will continue to influence our more attention levels.


Essay No. 02



Outline: To be found everywhere – different kinds of advertisements – necessity of advertisements – advantage and disadvantages of advertising.

Advertisements are to be seen everywhere. Wherever we go advertisements stare us in the face. Along roads, at railway stations on trains and buses, you will find any number of advertisements.

There are different kinds of advertisements. First of all, there are advertisements in newspapers. All kinds of goods and services are advertised in newspapers. One can know about vacancies for jobs, what films are being displayed and what goods are available. Then there are outdoor advertisements in the form of hoardings, neon signs and balloons as well as those on trains and buses. Advertisements can come over the radio television and also through slides and films.

Advertising is a necessity of modern times. Some people have goods or services for sale. There may be many such goods. So the public must know what things are available. This is done through advertisements. The advantage of advertising is that we are acquainted with the various goods and services available in the market. We have a wide range of things to choose from. The disadvantage is that advertising is a costly affair. Advertising raises the cost of a product. The manufacturers have to sell a thing at a higher rate in order to make up for the costs of advertising. Again we are likely to be bored by the commercial advertising over the radio, television etc.

The programme is constantly interrupted to do some commercial advertising. Sometimes the cinema posters put up in public places can be very obscene and disgusting. Yet we have no choice in the matter. We have to put up with advertising because it has come to stay.


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