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Download “Agriculture – Code 808” Previous Year Question Paper with Answers of Class 12 NSQF Vocational, CBSE Session 2021-2022.

CBSE | NSQF – Vocational Education 
Agriculture (Subject Code 808)
Class XII (Session 2021-2022)
Sample Question Paper For Term – II
Max. Time Allowed: 1 ½ Hour (90 min)  Max. Marks: 30

General Instructions:

  1. Please read the instructions carefully
  2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.
  3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.
  4. a) Questions numbers 1 to 4 are one mark questions. Attempt any three questions.
  5. b) Questions numbers 05 and 06 are two marks questions. Attempt any one question.
  6. Section B is of 30 marks and has 21 questions on Subject specific Skills.
  7. a) Questions numbers 7 to 13 are one mark questions. Attempt any five questions.
  8. b) Questions numbers 14 to 19 are two marks questions. Attempt any four questions.
  9. c) Questions number 20 to 24 are of 3 Mark’s each. Attempt any three questions.
  10. Section C is of 08 marks and has 03 competency-based questions.
  11. a) Questions numbers 25 to 27 are four marks questions. Attempt any two questions.
  12. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.
  13. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.



(3 + 2 = 5 marks)

Answer any 03 questions out of the given 04 questions 1 x 3 = 3

Q.1 Who forms the heart of a business ? 1

Q.2 Name a fear that works as a barrier in entrepreneurship? 1

Q.3 Write the main objectives of a sustainable society? 1

Q.4 Write the full form of ILO and IEO. 1

Answer any 01 question out of the given 02 questions 2 x 1 = 2

Q.5 Write any two advantages of green jobs? 2

Q.6 Name any two common entrepreneurial competencies? 2



(5 + 8 + 9 = 22 marks)

Answer any 05 questions out of the given 07 questions 1 x 5 = 5

Q.7 Why are herbicides used in flower preservatives? 1

Q.8 At which age the drones perform mating flights chasing the virgin queen in the air ? 1

Q.9 How many eggs a female silk moth lays in 24 hours ? 1

Q.10 Why do bees perform dance? 1

Q.11 Name the two major silk producing states of India ? 1

Q.12 Which mushroom species has the maximum amount of protein ? 1

Q.13 Write the name of any two trees grown in Avenue gardening. 1


Answer any 04 questions out of the given 06 questions 2 x 4 = 8

Q.14 Write a short note on botanical pesticides . 2

Q.15 What are the advantages of vermicompost? 2

Q.16 Write a short note on Trichoderma? 2

Q.17 Draw a flow chart for spawn preparation ? 2

Q.18 Write the functions of packaging of fruits and vegetables? 2

Q.19 Define sericulture also give the scientific name of Silk moth ? 2


Answer any 03 questions out of the given 05 questions 3 x 3 = 9

Q.20 Describe first and second grade preservatives with examples? 3

Q.21 Write in brief about two important government schemes for food sector ? 3

Q.22 Describe in short the post harvest management process of cereals ? 3

Q.23 What are the advantages of using wooden crates for keeping fruits and vegetables ? 3

Q.24 Write the principles of Landscape gardening ? 3



(2 x 4 = 8 marks)


Answer any 02 questions out of the given 03 questions

Q.25 Describe the method of compost preparation for Mushroom cultivation. 4

Q.26 Illustrate Biological control of disease with its advantages. 4

Q.27 Define Lac culture. Also write the uses of Lac or shellac?



Employability skills (05 marks)

1 mark each for correct answers

Ans. 1 Employees or Workers

Ans. 2 Fear of failure/Fear of the unknown/Fear of risk taking

Ans. 3 Main objective of a sustainable society is judiciously using the natural resources for the present and future generation

Ans. 4

ILO-International Labour Organisation

IEO-International Employers Organisation


2 marks for correct answer(attempt any 1 out of the given two questions)

Ans. 5 Advantages of green jobs:

Limiting green house gas emission

Minimising waste and pollution

Protecting and restoring ecosystem

Promote adaptation to the effects of climate change


Ans. 6 Entrepreneurial competencies

Taking initiative

Seeking and acting on opportunity

Concern for high quality



Or give marks for any other suitable competencies



Answer any 5 questions out of the given 7

1 mark for each correct answer


Ans. 7 Herbisides are used to control bacteria,yeasts and molds growth to increase shelf age of flowers

Ans. 8 Drones perform mating flights at 14 to 18 days

Ans. 9 1500 to 2000

Ans. 10 To indicate location of food materials to other bees

Ans. 11 Karnataka ,West Bengal ,Jammu and Kashmir

Ans. 12 Pleurotus florida(37.19% protein content)

Ans. 13 Trees grown in avenue gardening –Poplar, Beech, Lime or horse chestnut


Answer any 4 questions out of the given 7 questions

2 marks for each correct answer


Ans. 14 1/2 mark for each resource name like land, capital, labour, management, risk etc.

Ans. 15 1 mark for each advantage of vermicompost like it improves soil health, it is cheap and chemical free, it increases the activity of beneficial microbes in soil or it provides a number of nutrients to plants.

Ans. 16 1 mark for Trichoderma concept and 1 mark for its advantage-Trichoderma is effective biological mean for plant disease management .Trichoderma is a fungicide

It reduces growth, survival or infections caused by pathogens

Ans. 17 2 marks for correct flow chart including time of turning and composition of wheat straw, paddy straw, wheat bran, harvesting etc.

Ans. 18 Packaging of fruits and vegetables are for safe transportation or any other suitable answer

Ans. 19 1 mark for definition of sericulture and 1 for scientific name of silk moth-Sericulture is production of silk and the rearing of silk moth. Scientific name of silk moth is Bombyx Mori


Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions

Each question is of 3 marks

Ans. 20 First grade preservative-Like common salt, vinegar, sugar, natural preservatives (3/2 marks)

Second grade-Chemically synthesiszed products like Sodium Meta Bisulphite, Sodium Benzoate

Ans. 21 1 and 1/2 marks for each scheme

Important government schemes for food sector:

Mega food parks

Cold chain

Agro-processing cluster

Food safety and quality assurance infrastructure etc.


Ans. 22 One mark for each process-







Ans. 23 One mark of each advantage like wooden crates reduces transportation damage etc.

Ans. 24 Balance, proportion, prospective, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, rhythm. 3 principle should be described for 1 mark each



Ans. 25 4 marks for correct preparation of compost for mushroom cultivation -preparation of piles of various sizes according to the quantity of compost, turning of compost, sprinkling of water to moist, maintenance of suitable temperature and humidity

Ans. 26 1 mark for meaning of biological control of disease and 3 marks for its advantages

Biological control is a method of controlling disease caused by insect, pests using their enemy bacteria, fungus, molds, insects etc.

Advantage-environment friendly, cheap, improve soil health, no toxic effect to soil or in plant products etc.

Ans. 27 1 mark for definition of lac culture and 3 marks for uses of lac

Lac culture is the scientific management of lac insects to obtain a high amount of quality lac

Uses of lac-In Furniture polish, perfumes, in making Bengal, imitation fruits and flowers, preparing sealing material etc.


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