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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 5 Answer for Class 9, “Different groups of students have been assigned tasks” Task 5

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-IX (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 5

The festival of lights Diwali brings cheer to people but leaves the environment ailing with the huge cover of pollution over the city. Your class has undertaken an awareness campaign to save the environment. Different groups of students have been assigned tasks to deal with different aspects of the issue. However, some students in your group are not doing the tasks assigned to them. This is making your group lag behind.

Discuss with your partner

1.  What problems your group is facing due to this?

2. How you can make those students interested in the task and participate in the project?

Candidate A: Hello ! Mridul how is your group work going?

Candidate B: Hello Rijul ! I doubt it is not going to right direction.

Candidate A: But why? What has happened?

Play Audio Conversation 


Candidate B: Oh ! Friend some student of our group are not interested in the task assigned to them.

Candidate A: That is bad of them.

Candidate B: Yes, they have been given the work of making placards and posters but they feel that they can’t prepare them.

Candidate A: You, must talk with them and convince that every group member play an important role. You must try to find out the reason for their disinterest.

Candidate B: Yes, you are right. It is possible that they may be thinking that they have been given a minimal work.

Candidate A: You can tell them about the importance of their work and make them feel good about their work.

Candidate B: Thank you friend. I will talk with them and tell we must not leg behind other groups in preparation for the awareness campaign for Diwali.   

Candidate A: Ok !


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