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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 4 Answer for Class 9, “friend wants to learn swimming but he is scared ” Task 4

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-IX (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 4

You have a friend in your class who wants to learn swimming but he is scared of water. You want to help him in fulfilling his desire.
Discuss with your partner

1. What problems can occur if he tries to learn swimming?

2. How can he overcome this fear of water?

Candidate A: Hey ! Rohan do you know  Mohan is scared if water?

Candidate B: Oh ! I feel very bad for him.

Candidate A: I also sympathies with him and I have heard that he want to learn swimming.

Candidate B: I must appreciate his courage.

Candidate A: But how will he learn swimming if continue to fear water.

Candidate B: Friend, everything is possible if we desire and work hard for that.

Candidate A: Yes, you are right. But first of all he will have to shed his fear of water.

Candidate B: Yes that will be the first hurdle.

Play Audio Conversation

Candidate A: He may face problems like tension, rigidness of limbs and the feeling to run away from water.

Candidate B: But he will have to fight.

Candidate A: I don’t think he can win over his fear at once.

Candidate B: You are right. It will take time but if he remains strong and takes help from a trainer and continue to face water, he will certainly learn swimming and overcome his fear.

Candidate A: Absolutely, fear of water is also like the fear of stage. He will have to face it.

Candidate B: I am hopeful that he will win. We must encourage him

Candidate A: Yes.


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