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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 3 Answer for Class 9, “School plans an excursion every year for the students” Task 3

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-IX (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 3

Your school plans an excursion every year for the students. This year the students of your class want to plan an educational trip of their choice.
Discuss with your partner
1. What places for excursion you can suggest?
2. How you can convince your school authorities to give you autonomy for the same?

Candidate A: Hey Mohan do you know?

Candidate B: What?

Candidate A: Our school trip is scheduled for next month.

Candidate B: Wow ! That’s great.  And where are we going for trip this year.

Candidate A: That will be decided in the next week.

Candidate B: Then we have a chance to talk to class mates and decide upon a place for the excursion.

Play Audio Conversation 

Candidate A: Yes, you are right. This time students should choose a place for excursion and plan for it.

Candidate B: That will be great idea.

Candidate A: But, I have some doubts.

Candidate B: Doubts. What kind of doubts.

Candidate A: Will the school authorities give us autonomy in this matter?

Candidate B: Why not? It they are convinced that students have good idea and our plan is unique and can be implemented under the guidelines and beneficial for students.

Candidate A: Yes, we shall have a discussion on this matter with our classmates and make a plan and place the plan before the school authorities.

Candidate B: Our class teaches can also help us.

Candidate A: Yes, we shall take her help.

Candidate B: Ok !


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