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CBSE ASL “Listening Test Worksheet” (ASL) 2017-2018 for Class 9, Listening Test Audio Script 1

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-IX (2017-18)
Listening Test (Worksheet)

Time: 1 hour

Max Marks: 20
Task 1

You will hear an announcement of a theatre performance. Read the notes given below, then listen to the announcement and complete the notes with one or two words only. You will hear the recording twice.

The main purpose of the announcement is to inform you about a show of the

1______________ The Merchant of Venice. The show will have a 20-minute 2____________ during its four-acts performance. The fenced area has the 3____________ to the right of the stage. After the show is over, the

4___________ will open for parking.

Task 2
5 marks

You will hear a girl talking to a boy about World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand. Read the statements below, then listen to the conversation and choose five of the statements A-H which are correct. Write the correct letters in the blank boxes.

You will hear the recording twice.

Which FIVE of the following statements are true?

A. Vishwanathan Anand won the title of International Master when he was just a teenager.

B. Minor Planet Centre has paid a tribute to Anand for his international Chess accomplishments.

C. Anand was the first ever person in India to have received the Padma Vibhushan Award.

D. Vishwanathan Anand has been the six time winner of Chess Oscar in the world so far.

E. His book ‘My Best Games of Chess’ was awarded with the ‘Book of the Year’ Award.

F. His mother, Susheela, proved herself a leader in providing support to children for career in Chess.

G. Indian mothers always remain by the side of their children in their initial learning years.

H. She acted like a coach in his growing years of learning Chess.

Task 3

You will hear five different people talking about social networking. Read the statements below, then listen to the conversation. Match each statement A–G to each speaker 1 to 5. You will hear the recording twice.

There are two statements you do not need.

A. Social Networking sites have brought people in the world closer.

B. People seem to be serving their gadgets which are in fact their masters.

C. Social Networking has made human beings’ life complex in every aspect.

D. Personal lives nowadays are getting affected due to living in virtual world.

E. Children are becoming lazy day by day due to social networking.

F. Social media is helping in creating stronger bonds among human beings.

G. This, like two sides of a coin, has both negative and positive sides.

Task 4

You will hear a speech on how to keep New Year’s Resolution. Read the questions given in your worksheet, then listen to the extract and choose ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’ for each questions.

1. The first thing you need to think about when making your resolution is that

a) You need to enlist a friend to help you keep your resolution.

b) You need to prepare to make a brand new start.

c) You need to remember that New Year’s Day is just another day.
2. Once you’ve decided on your resolution, you should

a) Keep your resolution a secret

b) Tell a friend and ask them to make sure you keep to it

c) Tell lots of people, so you won’t be tempted to break it


3. Key to success for keeping a resolution is

a) Constantly talking about it

b) Making minor changes

c) Fixing a tight schedule

4. When keeping a resolution, people should have a

a) A diary
b) A note
c) A friend
5. You should review your progress by
a) Breaking your resolution down into steps, to see how you are doing.

b) Asking a friend’s opinion on how you are doing.

c) Providing extra support to your friends.
6. The success of resolutions should be enjoyed by

a) Giving up something

b) Going for evening walks

c) Getting what we deserve


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