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ASL Topic “Meeting on The Way to the Office” Conversation examples for CBSE English Speaking Test Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students 2024.

ASL Topic Conversation “Meeting on The Way to the Office” Speaking Test.

This lesson contains a conversation between two friends Ramesh and Suresh during a meeting on the way to their offices.

Ramesh: Hello, Suresh. How do you do?

Suresh: Hello Ramesh. How do you do?

Ramesh: I have seen you after a pretty long time.

Suresh: I am also thinking the same thing. Where have you been all these days?

Ramesh: I have been all along in Delhi and where have you been?

Suresh: I am also in Delhi. Of course, I have been a little busy in building my house.

Ramesh: Where have you built your house?

Suresh: I have built a house in Safdarjung Enclave.

Ramesh: What is the area of the plot?

Suresh: It is only 180 square meters.

Ramesh: From where did you purchase it?

Suresh: I purchased it from the D.D.A in an auction, five years ago.

Ramesh: How much have you spent on the house?

Suresh: I have spent 30,000 rupees on the land and 80,000 rupees on the construction of the house.

Ramesh: It means you are a rich man. You have spent such a huge amount of money on the construction of the house.

Suresh: Not at all. I took a loan of Rs. 60,000 from my office and I have spent all my savings.

Ramesh: I understand that the construction of a house is a very troublesome business.

Suresh: You are right. I shall never build another house in the whole of my life. This is such a taxing experience.

Ramesh: Have you built a single-storey or double-storey house?

Suresh: It is two and a half storeys.

Ramesh: I congratulate you on the possession of a beautiful house in a posh locality.

Suresh: Thank you. But now I have come to the conclusion that the fools build the houses and the wise live therein.

Ramesh: Have you rented out your house?

Suresh: Yes, I have rented out the ground floor and the first floor to a Bank.

Ramesh: How much rent are they paying to you?

Suresh: They are paying Rs. 1500 per month.

Ramesh: And where are you living?

Suresh: I am living in the Barsati.

Ramesh: Oh. Are you not getting late to the office?

Suresh: I think we are getting late and no bus has come so far.

Ramesh: Let’s take a scooter. You can get down on the way.

Suresh: All right. See there is a scooter coming.

Ramesh: Scooter! Scooter.

Scooter driver: Where do you want to go, sir?

Ramesh: We want to go to the Central Secretariat. Please drop my friend at Krishi Bhavan on the way.

Scooter driver: Yes, please.

Suresh: O.K Ramesh. Krishi Bhavan has come and let me get down.

Ramesh: Please, stop the scooter here.

Scooter driver: Yes, sir.

Suresh: (Getting down from the scooter) Thank you, for the lift. Hope to see you soon.

Ramesh: No mention, please. Goodbye.

Suresh: Bye-bye.


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