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ASL Topic “Meeting the Class Teacher” Conversation examples for CBSE English Speaking Test Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students 2024.

ASL Topic Conversation “Meeting the Class Teacher” Speaking Test.

In this lesson, Mr. Malhotra goes to his daughter Vandana’s school to meet her Class Teacher Mrs. S. Chopra on a Parent-Teacher meeting day.

Vandana: Good morning, Daddy.

Mr. Malhotra: Good morning, my child.

Vandana: Daddy, are you coming to my school today?

Mr. Malhotra: What is the matter?

Vandana: Today is the parent-teacher meeting day. My class teacher asked me to tell you to come to the school today.

Mr. Malhotra: O.K. my child, I shall be coming. But tell me at what time should I come?

Vandana: Please come between 8.30 A.M. and 9 A.M.

Mr. Malhotra: It’s too early, my child. But if you ask me, I must come.

Vandana: Daddy, you must come this time. Last time you did not come.

Mr. Malhotra: I promise I shall come today.

Vandana: Goodbye, I am going to school.

Mr. Malhotra: Bye-bye Vandana, I shall meet your class teacher today.

(Mr. Malhotra goes to the school)

Mr. Malhotra: I want to meet Mrs. S. Chopra, who teaches my daughter in the Nursery F Section.

Receptionist: Please go to room No. 15 on the ground floor.

Mr. Malhotra: May I speak to Mrs. S. Chopra, please?

Class Teacher: I am Mrs. S. Chopra. What can I do for you?

Mr. Malhotra: I am Malhotra. My daughter Vandana is studying in your class. She asked me to see you today.

Class Teacher: Yes, please. Today is the parent-teacher meeting day. Therefore, I had asked all the students to bring their parents today.

Mr. Malhotra: I am sorry, I could not come last time, as I was quite busy in my business.

Class Teacher: It’s all right. In reality, the parent-teacher meeting day provides an opportunity to exchange information about the students’ progress.

Mr. Malhotra: I think this is a very good system. How is my daughter, madam?

Class Teacher: Mr. Malhotra, your daughter is very good in all the subjects. I am pleased to tell you that she is an above-average student in my class.

Mr. Malhotra: Thank you, madam.

Class Teacher: But sometimes I feel that although she is good in English, yet she isn’t good at English speaking.

Mr. Malhotra: I have also noticed this thing that although she understands well yet she does not speak English.

Class Teacher: I would suggest that you should speak to her in English at your house also, so that she can pick up speaking small sentences.

Mr. Malhotra: Does she do her homework properly?

Class Teacher: Oh! She is always regular in doing her homework.

Mr. Malhotra: How is she in the games?

Class Teacher: I think she should take more interest in the games: But overall, I am quite satisfied with her progress in the class.

Mr. Malhotra: Thank you for your good report and the advice. We shall do our best to improve her English speaking, and also ask her to take more interest in the games.


Class Teacher: Thank you, Mr. Malhotra, for your visit.


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