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ASL Topic “A Chance Meeting Between Two Friends” Conversation examples for CBSE English Speaking Test Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students 2024.

ASL Topic Conversation “A Chance Meeting Between Two Friends” Speaking Test.

This lesson contains the conversation between two by friends Prakash and Kedar during a chance meeting.

Prakash: Hello, Kedar! how do you do?

Kedar: Hello, Prakash! how do you do?

Prakash: Pretty well, thanks. And you?

Kedar: I am also fine, thanks. I have seen you after a very long time. Where were you all these days?

Prakash: I had gone abroad for a few years, and came back only last month.

Kedar: Where had you gone?

Prakash: Firstly, I went to Saudi Arabia and after that I shifted to Iran, where I stayed for three years.

Kedar: I hear that there had been a lot of trouble in Iran.

Prakash: You are right Kedar, recently there been a lot of trouble in Iran due has to the opposition against the rule of the, Shah of Iran. For this reason, I returned to India last month.

Kedar: What are you planning now?

Prakash: I intend to go to Saudi Arabia after a few months.

Kedar: Why don’t you settle in India?

Prakash: I think ultimately, I have to settle in India. But it will take me a few more years before I start my own venture in India.

Kedar: I think you are a Civil Engineer; you must be getting a lot of money in foreign countries.

Prakash: There is no doubt about that. There is a lot of money in foreign countries. But you have to work very hard to earn it.

Kedar: I think you have also to spend a lot of money to maintain your standard.

Prakash: You are right. There are a lot of expenses in the foreign countries. What are you doing nowadays?

Kedar: I have started my own business of motor parts. I have a shop in Kashmiri Gate. I think we are meeting after ten years.

Prakash: You are right. Are you married Kedar?

Kedar: Yes. I got married seven years back and I am already the father of three daughters. What about you?

Prakash: I also got married five years back and I have one daughter and one son.

Kedar: What is your wife?

Prakash: My wife is a Graduate. She does not like to serve. She attends to the household duties only.  And what about your wife?

Kedar: My wife is a trained science teacher. She is employed as the Principal of a Higher Secondary School.

Prakash: That’s good. Because I understand in India nowadays if both the husband and the wife do not earn, it is difficult to make the both ends meet

Kedar: You are absolutely correct. Why don’t you come to my house someday along with your family to meet us?

Prakash: It will be our great pleasure to come and meet your wife and the children on any day you invite us.

Kedar: Why don’t you come on coming Sunday and have your lunch with us?

Prakash: Thank you for this invitation. We will certainly come before 1 P.M. May I know your address?

Kedar: Please note down, 5-A, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Prakash: Let me take out my diary and pen, now what did you say? 5-A, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Kedar: That’s right. You can also note down my telephone No. If there is any change of programme, please ring me up. My telephone No. is 672398.

Prakash: That’s good. I have noted down your telephone No.

Kedar: O.K. Hope to see you again with your wife and the children.

Prakash: Thank you, goodbye.

Kedar: Bye-bye.


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