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Write a letter to the Station Master complaining about a case of overcharging of fare.

Write a letter to the Station Master complaining about a case of overcharging of fare.

1 June 1998.



The Station Master

Shimla Railway Station


Sub: Over-charging of fare.

Dear Sir,

I wish to highlight through this letter, a deliberate and unjustifiable case of over-charging by your staff on the ticket I bought for my journey from ‘Kalka Railway Station’ to ‘Shimla Railway Station’ on the morning of 31 October 1998.

As my journey plan involved travel by both express and passenger trains, with a change of trains at Z Junction. I was entitled to a rebate in the fare that would be charged for a regular, through the express journey. On the previous occasions, I traveled on the route, according to the same journey plan, I had been granted the rebate in fares. The separate computations necessary for express and ordinary journeys were done without much fuss or difficulty before tickets were issued on those occasions. However, this time around, I was denied the facility of rebate on the grounds that the necessary differential computation was a time taking process and that the computer was not programmed for it. I was also told that, since not much time was left for the train to start, I would have to settle for the higher fare. The issuing clerk in question was not prepared to acknowledge the fact that it was his inefficiency and lethargy in issuing tickets to those before me, which left him with insufficient time to issue me the appropriate ticket. When I protested, the clerk remarked, as if to add insult to injury, that he could issue the proper ticket if he were to do so manually a strange, but stupid explanation.

I hope you will agree that computerization is a facility introduced for the convenience of the Railways and its users alike. It does not mean that owing to the perceived drawbacks of computers, the passengers should lose money. I, therefore, insist that I be paid the fare differential, even though it is a small amount, without delay. I am enclosing the over-charged ticket for your perusal and action.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

(Name, Signature)

(Writer’s address)

Note:- The letter has an angry tone and is harshly worded. It is so because the letter is meant to reflect the actual mood of the writer. The letter attempts to properly acquaint the Station Master with the events by clearly describing them. However, specific aspects like the actual price of the ticket and the extent of over-charge, are ignored because it may be reasonably assumed that the Station Master has knowledge about them. This information is, however, necessary for reporting the incident to anyone else.


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