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Assuming that you have failed to get the expected refund in the above case, prepare an affidavit for presentation before the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

Assuming that you have failed to get the expected refund in the above case, prepare an affidavit for presentation before the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

1 December 2003.


The Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum

‘D’ District.

Sub:- Complaint against the Railway authorities for failure to honor refund commitment properly.

Dear Members of the Forum,

I am forced to approach your Forum for redressal of my grievance because all my attempts until now to have it done by the concerned authorities have failed.

The incident responsible for my grievance occurred while I was buying a single, one-way, second class, seat ticket for my journey from ‘X’ to ‘Y’ on the morning of 31 October 1998. Since my journey plan involved travel by both express and ordinary trains, I was entitled to a rebate on the normal fare charged for express journey for the entire distance. Instead of the normal fare of Rs. 157/-, the combination fare for express and ordinary journeys is only Rs.100/- enabling a rebate of Rs.57/-. I was aware of the rebate and had enjoyed it every time I traveled on the route according to the same journey plan, before.

But on the occasion in question, I was, for very frivolous and unpalatable reasons, denied the benefit of the rebate. I approached the Station Master soon after the incident and after explaining to him my complaint, sought from him, an immediate refund of the excess amount charged However, the Station Master did not oblige. As there was by then not much time left for the train to leave. I was forced to travel with the over-charged ticket (though without changing my usual journey plan).

I followed my oral complaint to the Station Master with a formal, written one, a couple of days later, but that too failed to fetch a response even after repeated reminders Thereafter, I wrote to the Divisional Headquarters in Mumbai from where, after several weeks, I received a letter asking me to present them the disputed journey ticket (copy of the ticket is attached.). I responded promptly, but it was a few more weeks before I got the refund

However, the refund order authorized payment of only Rs.30/- instead of the correct difference of Rs.57/-. Since the figure offered was less, I was naturally unwilling to accept it, and accordingly, requested the Divisional Headquarters to rectify the mistake. I also informed the Headquarters that, for the period since the incident in question took place; I had to send letters to different authorities at different times for seeking redressal. I, therefore, requested them to sanction an additional sum of Rs.50/- to compensate for the expenses I incurred towards stationery, postage, etc. I also made it clear that I could not possibly settle for a lesser amount.

Consequently, the Divisional Headquarters replied that there was no provision in the rules of the Railways to oblige such proposals. While I do not dispute the Headquarters’ contention, I feel that the Railways have the responsibility to avoid such inconvenience as I suffer, and also that, when the Railways make mistakes, it should solve them immediately. I reminded the Headquarters that I would not have embarked on the path of elaborate correspondence, had the Station Master promptly and reasonably redressed my grievance.

Considering the smallness of the sums of money involved in my dispute, It may be suggested with justifiable derision, that I am being very fussy and fastidious in pressing my demand. May I, therefore, inform the Forum that, more than to get the money I seek, it is to focus attention on the unacceptable flaws in the ticketing process that I have embarked on this exercise? I am confident that my demand for compensation for all my expenses and losses is reasonable and justified. If the Forum agrees with my contention and approves my demand, I shall be pleased to accept whatever amount that will follow as a result.’

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Name, Signature)

(Writer’s address)


Note: Letters of this nature should preferably be accompanied by copies of all relevant correspondence and testimonials. The amount expected as compensation should also be mentioned. But in this case, since the aim, as stated in the last paragraph, is not money, there is no specific mention of it.


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