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Write a Love Letter “The Manager of a Firm Falls in Love with his Typist” Love Letter Example with reply

Dear Miss Madhu,

This letter will come to you as  a great surprise, you will wonder and take some time to guess as to who has sent it. You have worked with me only for one month and yet I feel, you have been with me for centuries. I noticed your saree and your eyes of women but there is something enticing about  eyes. At the very first sight I felt tempted to put my lips to  yours eyes. Your lips attracted me next. I wanted to kiss them too. When my eyes, raveled form eyes to your face , they were suddenly arrested just were your bosom parted into two full blown lotuses with their dark brown pollens concentrated beneath the invisible fabric of chiffon. I do not know.  I thought at that very moment that if there were any paradise on earth, it was in bosom of a young women.

Anyhow, will you come to my place one evening. My wife in these days up on the hills, you can live with me for some days until I also go to the hills.

It is up to you to accept or reject my love.

Yours in love,


Reply to above

My Dear Gaurav,

Your letter has given me no surprise. I know all men are like you. Every man wants to possess only the body of a woman, and that is the greatest pity. You say you are married. Do you mean to say your wife has no claim upon your heart. How ungrateful and selfish you are indeed! After having squeezed out the last drop of beauty and youth from the body of your wife and you want now to enjoy another flower and such its honey. No, I will never allow you to do that so long I am a woman never think that we are such fools or that we forget ourselves completely  while we are being flattered by men. You must know that no respectable women  agrees to sell those possessions to any and every-body.




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