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How to Write Letters of Love, Engagement and Marriage with Example

Letters of Love, Engagement and Marriage

“Loveless marriages are horrible. But there is one thing worse than absolutely love less marriage, a marriage in which there is love but on one side only, and in which of the two hearts one is sure to be broken.” Oscar Wilde

Love letters are the most highly personal of all forms of correspondence, and it would be misleading to try to lay down any rules for this sort of writing. There is only one worth-while rule, and that is simple. “Be yourself.” Write naturally and without any affection. Do not try for any highly literary style, or your letters will look artificial. The best thing is to write as you talk to your loved one.

The only reason for restraint is the necessary of guarding against making a definite promise that you may not want to keep. Much of the evidence in breach- of promise cases comes from love letters, and men should be careful not to say anything that might have unfortunate results at a later date. Love is matter of emotions, but marriage concerns reason as well, do not allow yourself to be carried away be emotions at the temporary sacrifice of your reason.

The normal rules for beginning and ending letter do not apply to love letter. Every couple   have their own pet ways, and in fact originally is half the charm of a love letter. “My dearest Raj”, “My darling Rita”, or simply “Darling are all good openings, provided that a sufficient degree of intimacy has been established to justify these endearments. The word cannot well be left out of the ending, although the exact working of this is entirely a matter of taste.

Do not overdo the endearments, or they will begin to lose their value. Sent kisses by all means, but do not decorate half  a page with x’s , as this looks rather cheap and silly. Above all, do not put x’s or cryptic letters on the backs of envelopes. A person receiving letters in envelopes decorated in this way may be subjected to great derision from his or her family , and it may have the opposite effects from that intended.

Here is quite an ordinary letter from a man to his girl-friends. They have already declared their love for each other, and although they are not formally engaged they have a definite though private understating between themselves. The letter is just an example of one style of writing a love letter.

My Merriest Moon!

Shall I have to be really reborn to win your love? That question has often tickled me. But am I in haste? Of course, not! What is the fun of being hasty when the spirit neither dies nor is born but shines eternally like the flame of love !

My spirit joins you today. My love can wait for tomorrow. I throw myself before you like flowers in a temple to be lifted or trampled over.

The very felling that I have seen you  gives edge to my dull existence it makes me feel whether you say Yes or No, my life has not been in vain.

Yours eternally,

Love Answering

My Sweetest Sun !

You are the light by which I live. If you were not there, my days would be nights, because no doubt we have journeyed  through many planets before we have met on the Earth.

Shall we rub shoulders and pass by or shall we clasp each other with hoops of steel?

Since you have called me your moon, it is natural that I should become a satellite of the sun, a planet revolving round a star.

How can moon get light without the sun?

That is simply unthinkable!

Yours everlastingly,


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