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Love Letter Example “Love Letter from a Man” with reply

Love Letter from a Man


Monday again- and another black Monday, because I’ve got to wait for five long days before I see you again. I should be feeling utterly miserable if I hadn’t got to many wonderful hopes and memories to keep company. And after all, it was only yesterday that we were together, so I really ought not to grumble.

Rina dearest, I tried to tell you last night how much I love you, and I don’t think I got out a fraction of what I really meant. I thought I might make up for that in this letter and now I’m even more stuck for words. I’ll have another go next week- end!

As you will guess, I’m writing this in my lunch hour, and old Smithy is peering over his specs, in a frightfully curious way but trying hard not to let me know it. Wonder if he wrote letters like this Mrs. S. a couple of hundred years ago? It’s hard to believe.

It’s just on two now, so I must pack up and get back to the grindstone  Good-bye, sweetheart, I’ll write again before Saturday. And I’ll thanks of you all the time.

Your own loving,


Letter in Reply to the Previous

My Dearest Rajesh,

Mummy is giving me some real old- fashioned looks over the breakfast table these days, and the postman is getting downright cheeky. Daddy goes on reading to paper and pretends not to noticed – he is a dear – but I’m expecting him to ask you any moment now if your intentions are honorable. You have been warned!

I hate to think you, sticking at your desk with only old Ashok to keep your company. You poor dear – but you aren’t the only one; you know My desk isn’t any more delightful than yours, and my old Raj is just as much a stick –in-the-mud as your old Ashok. But did remark what a nice brooch I was wearing this morning. Rajesh dearest,  I’m just as fed up waiting for weekends as you but I feel a lot better when I get your letter, I’ve got quite a bundle now, they’ve all been read scores of times.

You know I’m not very good at expressing my feelings, especially in letters- but you do know that love you , don’t you Rajesh? Because I do – oh, terribly.

Your own,



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